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She-Rise Ghana supports 300 girls at Gambibigo SHS with sanitary pads

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As part of the International Menstrual Hygiene Day 2024, She-Rise, an NGO operating in the Upper East region, donated pads to about 300 girls at the Gambibigo Senior High School and provided mentorship programs to support their overall development.

The pad donation is part of She-Rise Ghana’s initiative to address period poverty, which affects many girls in the school. The organization believes that no girl should miss school due to a lack of access to sanitary products. The pads were distributed to the girls, along with a comprehensive guide on menstrual hygiene and management.

Humul Khrusum Tahiru, on behalf of Sarah Teni Bobhiama, the founder of She-Rise Ghana, underscored the importance of the sanitary pad donation to the young girls and described the founder, Ms. Teni, as a magnanimous individual committed to helping young girls with basic needs.

“Upon her [Sarah Teni Bobhiama’s] interaction with these young girls, she noted there is still a need to provide them with sanitary pads. So with the inception of She-Rise Ghana, she intends to reach out to many more girls in the region. So today, even in her absence, she still facilitated the donation of sanitary pads to some 300 girls in the Gambibigo Senior High School.”

“Sarah Teni Bobhiama is a young woman who is very unassuming, intelligent, and of course, very benevolent and generous, and out of her generosity, we are here today. So all I have to say is that we are happy that the school opened wholeheartedly and accepted us, and of course, we have some officials from the GES gracing the occasion, and we are excited.”

Sarah Teni Bobhiama’s journey towards this impactful initiative began when she won the Northern Media Women Award. This recognition not only celebrated her achievements but also provided her with a platform to launch She-Rise Ghana. Her vision is to create a supportive environment where girls can access necessary menstrual products and education, ensuring that no girl misses school because of her period.

As Humul Khrusum Tahiru appreciated the individuals who support Ms. Bobhiama in carrying out the initiative, she also called on benevolent organizations, individuals, and the general public to come to their aid, as She-Rise and the team are poised and committed to doing more by reaching out to many more girls in schools in the region and beyond.

Julianna Abazesi, Assistant Headmistress of Academics at the Gambibigo Senior High School, thanked She-Rise Ghana for the gesture. Mrs. Abazesi described it as timely and also sought more, as she described menstrual hygiene as very significant for the young girls.

Some of the students who spoke to A1News could not hide their joy over the donation. While thanking Ms. Sarah and She-Rise Ghana, the young girls said the donated pads would help them a lot financially.

Source: A1Radioonline.Com|101.1MHZ|David Azure|Gambibigo|

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