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Serial entrepreneur Georgina Anyane challenges young women to move out of their comfort zones

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Serial entrepreneur, Georgina Anyane, has challenged young women to move out of their comfort zones to enable them to become successful individuals with successful businesses or careers.

When they become successful, Ms. Anyane explained that they would become less dependent and can maintain their dignity.

She was speaking on A1 Radio’s Equal Voice programme.

Equal Voices is a platform provided by the management of A1 Radio to promote women who have been successful in various aspects of Ghanaian society. It is also to serve as a platform to draw attention to the sociocultural factors affecting the growth of women in society.

“Young women, leave your comfort zone. Go to places that challenge you to become better, even if it has to do with selling water and getting GH¢1 a day,” she said.

Ms. Anyane also challenged female apprentices to show more dedication to learning their trades. She recounted interacting with a business owner in Bolgatanga, the Upper East Regional capital, while collecting data for the Ghana Statistical Service. During this interaction, the business owner expressed misgivings about several apprentices whom he had engaged.

“I remember I was doing the recent GSS exercise, anytime you met business owners, they would be complaining about the lack of apprentices. Even those with apprentices complain about the lack of commitment.”

“One guy behind Maapipi’s place said he has about 9 apprentices, and they don’t go to work often. One comes today and would not come the next. At the time I went, there were only two apprentices in the shop. They don’t like to work,” she recalled.

Ms. Anyane runs several businesses. She is into the production and sale of bar soap and other washing and bathing gels. She is into the production and sale of pastries and cakes. She currently also trades in palm oil and is a teacher as well.

Source: A1Radioonline.Com|101.1MHz|Mark Kwasi Ahumah Smith|Bolgatanga|

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