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Upper East FC Ladies lead Green Ghana Initiative with educational tree planting at school

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On June 4, 2024, the Forestry Commission Ladies (FC Ladies) of the Upper East Region conducted a ceremonial tree planting event at Presentation Brothers School, a private basic school in the region. This initiative is part of the broader Green Ghana project aimed at fostering environmental consciousness and promoting reforestation.

Ms. Sarah Amoh, the leader of the FC Ladies who doubles as the Upper East Regional Accountant for the Forestry Commission, articulated the purpose behind the event. “The ceremonial planting is meant to set the mood for the day and encourage parents and teachers to see it as a duty to instill the importance of tree planting in their wards,” she stated.

The FC Ladies, a collective of ladies from the three divisions of the Forestry Commission, seek to galvanize community participation in environmental sustainability. “We want to ensure that on June 7th, everyone comes out to support this initiative. Tree planting should be viewed as a communal responsibility, especially by mothers, parents, and teachers,” Ms. Amoh emphasized.

The ceremonial event was not just symbolic but educational, as the Ladies, under their slogan “Our Forest is Our Heritage,” engaged the pupils, highlighting the importance of nurturing a tree from seedling to maturity. This educational drive is integral to the theme of this year’s campaign, “Planting for a Greener Tomorrow,” Ms. Amoh added.

Ms. Amoh also extended a call to action to other organized bodies in the region, including dressmakers’ associations and beauticians, urging them to participate in the Green Ghana initiative.

The event at Presentation Brothers School underscores the FC Ladies’ commitment to environmental stewardship and their proactive approach to involving the younger generation.

In a compelling presentation on the importance of tree planting, Mr. Paul Hinneh, the Bolgatanga District Manager, also emphasized the critical role trees play in environmental conservation, highlighting the need for parents to train their children on how to nurture and care for trees.

Mr. Hinneh’s presentation underscored the numerous benefits of tree planting, including combating climate change, preventing soil erosion, and providing habitats for wildlife.

Joining the advocacy, Elizabeth Akapoka Ndaa, the Upper East Regional Public Relations Officer of the commission, addressed the pupils directly, encouraging them to develop a passion for tree planting. She stressed that active participation in tree planting efforts is crucial for protecting their future against the impending threat of desertification.

The region has set a target of planting 600,000 trees this year, aiming to significantly boost its green cover and contribute to broader environmental sustainability goals.

Source: A1Radioonline.Com|101.1MHz|Moses Apiah|Bolgatanga|

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