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Bolga: GES to hold reading festival tomorrow

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In a concerted effort to enhance literacy among basic school pupils in the Bolgatanga Municipality, the Ghana Education Service (G.E.S) has teamed up with the Bolgatanga Municipal Assembly to hold a readin festival.

This initiative aims to bolster reading proficiency and foster a culture of literacy from an early age.

The program, which is set to take place tomorrow at GNAT hall, is expected to have fifty-four (54) learners in lower primary from all nine circuits compete among themselves through reading.

In an interview with Mark Smith on A1 Radio’s Daybreak Upper East show earlier today, the Public Relations Officer (P.R.O) for G.E.S, Fredrick Agunga-Dongo Ayine said the initiative aims to train learners to read frequently at an early stage.

According to him, the program, which started years ago but was limited to just a few schools, posted positive results, hence the extension for all schools to participate.

“All that was to ensure that learners, especially at the lower level, were able to read fluently. So the outcome of this was remarkable. There was improvement. So, the government has decided that, okay, why don’t we do it in all schools but limited to basic three (B3).”

Mr. Ayine added that the program has been running in different stages and winners from the various stages are expected to compete tomorrow.

“We had the program last year and this year, we are doing it again. We have done the reading program at the school level, they have competed at the circuit level, and now, tomorrow’s program is going to be for the whole municipality.”

However, normal school activities are to be run tomorrow. Thus, it is not a holiday for schools.

Source: A1Radioonline.com|101.1MHz|Gifty Eyram Kudiabor|Bolgatanga

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