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Robert Alibo isn’t a threat to NDC – Talensi NDC Secretary

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The NDC Constituency Secretary in the Talensi Constituency of the Upper East Region, Augustine Mmi-oni Guure, has articulated why he perceives the NPP’s Parliamentary Candidate, Robert Alibo, as no threat to the NDC’s dominance in the constituency.

According to Mr. Mmi-oni Guure, the NPP lacks the solid foundation that the NDC has meticulously built over the years, making its candidate less marketable and less impactful.

“Unlike the NPP, we in the NDC have consistently built a concrete foundation that gives growth to the Party and its members. So, with our candidate’s personality together with the party’s solid foundation, I think we will secure a win. I must add that the good people of Talensi have seen the economic struggles that this government has brought upon them and would not want such a government again. So, we are winning the Talensi Constituency hands down,” stated Mr. Mmi-oni Guure.

He further explained that the NDC’s longstanding presence and efforts in the community have created a robust base that not only supports their candidates but also drives the party’s growth and outreach.

In contrast, he believed the NPP has failed to establish a similar foothold, making their political campaigns and candidates less effective in garnering local support.

Speaking on A1 Radio about the NDC’s prospects in Talensi, Mr. Mmi-oni Guure expressed confidence in increasing the party’s vote margins from previous elections.

He emphasized his commitment to bolstering support for the NDC in the constituency, highlighting the significance of addressing employment issues faced by the youth and other professionals in the region.

The NDC’s focus on economic struggles and job creation resonates with many constituents, particularly in the current challenging economic climate.

Mr. Mmi-oni Guure’s remarks therefore underscored the party’s strategic approach to leveraging its established presence and addressing key local issues to secure a decisive victory in Talensi.

Source: A1Radioonline.com|101.1MHz|Moses Apiah|Bolgatanga

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