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GHASPA Games 2017 underway; athletes cautioned against use of performance enhancement drugs

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The rector for Bolgatanga Polytechnic, Professor Mba Atinga has cautioned athletes participating in the Ghana Polytechnics Sports Association, GHASPA Games against the use of performance-enhancing drugs and unfair methods to gain an advantage in the games.

Prof. Mba was speaking at the official opening ceremony of the 11th edition of GHASPA Games at Bolgatanga where the event hosted by the Bolgatanga Polytechnic is taking place.

In his welcome address, he mentioned that the Polytechnic’s ability to host the games is as a result of its commitment to the ideals of the games and the commitment to prove their worth. He indicated that the event is not only meant for sports but also a platform to fraternize and extend the boundaries of the corporation between the various institutions.

POLY Games

“We are meeting not only for sports but on the sidelines, to fraternize and extend the boundaries of the corporation between our various institutions. To enable us to achieve this objective, we encourage all athletes to compete fairly and to the best of their ability. Talking about fair competition means we should avoid performance enhancing drugs and other unfair methods to gain advantage”, Prof. Mba added.

Kof. Technical University

The ten Polytechnics/Technical Universities will be participating in multiple sports disciplines including football, track and field events, volleyball, badminton among others. The event is not only meant for sports but also a platform to fraternize and extend the boundaries of the corporation between the various institutions.

Meanwhile, chairman of the ceremony and a renowned retired educationist, Robert Ajene lamented the state of sports facilities in the various polytechnics. According to him, some of the institutions lack training grounds among other necessary facilities that will enhance effective training.


“The observation is that lower down that ladder at the basic level of education to Secondary level, sports activities is more formal with well-prepared fields for training. You are in the polytechnics and technical universities, in which of these institutions do we have a well-laid sports field that they can train? So when you have the main ground where the training has to be made for the sporting men and women to get access, it is said a sound mind in a sound body. Now I would not say there is negligence but we have to critically go back and find out what we can do. I understand there are people in charge of sports in the Polytechnics but when you have to take care of children and you do not have a field to train them, then I do not think it is a fair way of handling them”, Mr. Ajene lamented.

On his part, the Upper East regional minister, Rockson Ayine Bukanri cautioned students against bad behavior on their campuses urging them to desist from such since they will live to regret them.

“It is a known fact that occultism and many anti-social activities are rife in our campuses. Indiscipline and lack of respect for authority and leadership are commonplace. I wish to urge you to cultivate those habits that make your youthfulness beneficial to yourselves and society. We cannot cheat nature, if you abuse your youthful exuberance you will pay dearly for it in your old age”, Mr. Ayine added.

By: Adugbire Cletus/a1radioonline.com/Ghana


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