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Appoint Adams Mahama’s children for regional minister position – Spokesperson to President

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Spokesperson of the former Upper East Chairman of the New Patriotic Party, Issaka Mahuzo is advocating for the President to appoint an Upper East regional minister who sympathises with the family of late Chairman Adams Mahama.

Issaka’s basis for this call is the fact that his family lost their strong pillar, Adams Mahama who could have become the regional minister through party activities and what the President can pay them with is by appointing an individual who will have the family at heart.

“We as a family think that we have done more for the NPP and we deserve to be treated well. The president should appoint a regional minister who will have the family at heart. He should not appoint someone who we cannot go to his office when we need something. We want someone who thinks about us and have our welfare at heart,” Issaka told Christopher Asima, host of Daybreak Upper East on A1 Radio.

He noted that although the family did not lobby for the position, they were waiting patiently to see how the president’s nominees will work but as it stands, they have all clear indications that the Hon. Rockson Bukari will not work for the good of the family.

“We thought that before the president appoints someone as the regional minister, he would have consulted the family but since he didn’t, we were waiting patiently for the President’s nominee to see how he will work but as of now we know that Rockson Bukari does not have the family of Adams Mahama at heart so we need someone who will sympathise with us because we have suffered for the NPP.”

He indicated that the New Patriotic Party’s fortunes in the Upper East region will sink because the Adams Mahama family is a very big one and when they decide to revolt against it it will affect the party.

When asked if he had an individual in who has the family of the late Chairman in mind and could work for the good of the family, Issaka mentioned that “some of Adams Mahama’s children should be appointed regional minister because their father died because of the party and some of them have also completed University and have degrees to be able to handle regional ministerial positions”.

By: a1radioonline.com/Ghana



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