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NPA holds stakeholder engagements in Upper East Region ahead of CRM’s rollout


The National Petroleum Authority has held a stakeholder engagement ahead of the complete rollout of the Cylinder Recirculation Model (CRM) policy in the Upper East Region.

This engagement sought to provide consumers with the relevant information regarding the new policy and demystify some concerns consumers have regarding the policy.

Addressing the press shortly after the program, the Head of Gas in Charge of Commercial Regulations, Mr. Boachie Kraine Obed, said the Cylinder Recirculation Model will make access to petroleum gas easy regardless of distance and price.

According to Mr. Kraine, people from rural areas have to travel long distances to buy Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG).

He said, “The three main barriers to the use of LPG are the initial investment, considering that people have to buy a cylinder before they can use LPG, the distances people have to travel before they can access the product, and the price. By bringing CRM, we tackle two of the problems at a go. The ability to have access to a cylinder. Under CRM, the bottling plant will buy the cylinder, unlike formerly. The consumers will just register and get a cylinder without having to buy a cylinder before they can use gas. Secondly, the distance people travel to buy LPG. The reason is that the refilling stations are located in the city, not in the rural areas. However, with the Cylinder Recirculation Model, you don’t need a refilling station; all you need is a cage that allows you to put a few cylinders there. So in the villages, the cylinders cage can be placed there, and the dealer or the distributor can go and pick up the empty ones and replace the filled ones.”

Regarding the issue of price, he said all sizes of cylinders, including the 3kg cylinder where consumers can buy the quantity they can afford, will be available.

He said, “The reason why you take a 14kg cylinder and refill half is that the 14kg cylinder is the only one you have. Under the CRM, we have different sizes of cylinders. The most common cylinders we have in the market are the 6kg and the 14.5 or 15kg cylinders, but we are going to introduce the 3kg cylinder, which is a bit smaller and a bit cheaper.”

The safety department of the Ghana Fire Service sensitized participants on various methods of extinguishing domestic fires.

The program had in attendance personnel from the National Petroleum Authority, Ghana Fire Service, Ghana Police Service, Environmental Protection Agency, staff of the Bolgatanga Municipal Assembly, Assemblymen, market women, household gas consumers, the media, and other stakeholders.

Source: A1Radioonline.com|101.1Mhz|Samuel Adagom|Bolgatanga|Ghana

Navrongo-Bolgatanga Catholic Bishop raises concerns over declining catholic population


The Most Reverend Alfred Agyenta, Catholic Bishop of the Navrongo-Bolgatanga Diocese in the Upper East Region, has expressed deep concern over the declining Catholic population in Ghana, based on recent census data. Delivering a homily to launch the 100th Anniversary celebration of the Sacred Heart Cathedral Parish in Bolgatanga, Bishop Agyenta raised concerns about the alarming trend revealed by the population census, indicating a significant decrease in the Catholic population over the past decade.

“Two years ago, we had a survey that was given to us by the population census of Ghana. The information that we received from them showed that the Catholic population was going down. The Catholic population was 15%. Then it came down to 13%. And just the last one, we are told that we are now 10% of the population. This is very frightening. Where are the people going? Is it really true that we are losing people? Of course, the population of Ghana is also growing,” Bishop Agyenta remarked with worry.

According to Bishop Agyenta, statistics that the Catholic church sends to Rome every year indicate growth in Africa and especially in Ghana, “But the census is telling us that we are losing people. And so, we don’t want to dismiss the information that is being given to us. But at the same time, we don’t want to panic,” he stated.

The Bishop urged parishioners to use the year-long 100th anniversary celebration as an opportunity for introspection and evaluation of the health of the church and the parish. He encouraged parish priests and staff to undertake a thorough assessment of the Catholic population within the parish and to identify strategies to address the challenges and reverse the decline.

Bishop Agyenta called upon parishioners to embrace the task of revitalizing the church and ensuring its relevance and impact in the lives of believers. He urged unity, prayer, and proactive engagement as essential steps towards addressing the challenges facing the Catholic Church in Ghana. The theme for the centenary celebration is ‘Walking together as a family of God’. Activities for the year-long celebration include seminars, prison visitation, tree planting and sanitation exercises, mass weddings, and blood donation, with a climax on 28th June 2025.

Source: A1Radioonline.com|101.1Mhz|Joshua Asaah|Bolgatanga|Ghana

Bolga: Sacred Heart Cathedral Parish launches 100th Anniversary celebration


The Sacred Heart Cathedral Parish in Bolgatanga has launched its 100th anniversary celebration, marking a significant milestone in the history of Catholicism in the Upper East Region of Ghana.

The Most Reverend Alfred Agyenta, Catholic Bishop of the Navrongo-Bolgatanga Diocese, who delivered a homily at the Sacred Heart Cathedral Parish in Bolgatanga recounts the rich history of the church and its journey over the past century.

He recounted how the White Fathers, also known as the Missionaries of Africa, embarked on a mission to evangelize the northern territories of the Gold Coast, now Ghana, in the early 20th century.

According to Bishop Agyenta’s historical account, the White Fathers first arrived in Navrongo in 1906, laying the foundation for Catholicism in the Upper East region.Nineteen years later, in February 1925, he said the White Fathers their sights on expanding their mission eastwards to Nangodi and Bolgatanga.

Upon arrival at Nangodi, Bishop Agyenta stated that they were enamored by the scenic land, particularly, the Red Volta, and the hospitality of the chief, who expressed a keen desire to have the missionaries settle in the area.

However, despite the allure of Nangodi, he said the missionaries observed the relatively small population and limited infrastructure, prompting them to return to Bolgatanga on 4th February 1925.

“They realize that Bolga here, had more population and it looked like, this was a place where God was asking them to begin the evangelization of the Gurune speaking people. And that’s why eventually they started here in 1925”, Most Reverend Alfred Agyenta indicated.

Even though they were amazed by the serene environment, the Bishop said they were afraid that the people were very much entrenched and very much involved in the traditional religion.

“And I’m sure they must have been very much scared when they saw around the villages and in the houses the big shrines of the ancestral shrines where the people were sacrificed. And I’m sure some of them used to see them around. I’m sure at that time they were even bigger. And so, they must have been frightened and said, are we going to convert these people? Because they seem to have been very much entrenched and very much involved in the traditional religion. That’s one of the reasons why they decided to entrust the parish to the Sacred Heart”, he indicated.

100 years down the line, the Sacred Heart Cathedral Parish in Bolgatanga has given birth to 8 parishes across the Upper East and North East regions. These include Our Lady, Queen of Africa (OLA) Parish-Bolgatanga, St Anne’ Parish-Bongo, St Joseph’s Parish Bolgatanga-Soe, St. Theresa’s Parish-Tongo, St Paul’s Parish-Walewale, St Martin’s de Pores Parish-Zuarungu, St Francis of Assisi Retorate-Sumbrungu, and St Theresa’s Rectorate, Zorko (Born out of St Anne’s Parish, Bongo).

Activities for the year-long celebration include seminars, prison visitation, tree planting and sanitation exercises, mass weddings, and blood donation, with a climax on 28th June 2025.

Source: A1Radioonline.com|101.1Mhz|Joshua Asaah|Bolgatanga|Ghana

4 communities receive 6 tricycles from Cardinal Namdini Mining Limited


Four host communities of a Chinese gold mining firm operating in the Talensi District in the Upper East Region, Cardinal Namdini Mining Limited have received 6 tricycles aimed at addressing transportation challenges. The beneficiary communities include Accra Site/Digaare, Biung, Tolla, and Bapella.

Emmanuel Kofi Adusei, the Community and Social Responsibility Manager of the company said the donation of the tricycles comes as a response to the transportation needs of the host communities, particularly in facilitating the movement of farm produce from farms to market centers.

With limited access to the transportation system, Mr. Adusei said the community members, especially, the women have faced significant challenges in transporting their agricultural products to market, impacting their livelihoods and economic opportunities.

“We advise the communities to put in place committees to run and manage the tricycles. They can charge tokens when the women use the service so that they can buy fuel and maintain them. All the 6 cost the company Ghc 112,600.00 including registration of the tricycles”, he advised.

He expressed optimism that the gesture would reduce post-harvest losses, improve food security, and reduce poverty among the community members. Receiving the gesture on behalf of the Digaare community, Jeffrey Asunda said the tricycles would reduce stress “especially women who sometimes have to carry these farm produce on their heads home or wait on the roadside to no avail of means of transport.”

Representing the Bapella community, Asoore Abane Clement thanked Cardinal Namdini Mining Limited for the support.

“Our market is very far and as a result, our food always spoils on the farm. So, the tricycles will help us to carry our food home. It will also help us to carry water to the farms for pesticide application. So, we thank the company for this gesture.”

Cardinal Namdini Mining Limited which has a 15-year mine license, subject to renewal, will pour its first gold in the last quarter of 2024. Vice President of Cardinal Resources Ghana Limited, Feng Boali called for collaboration from the community members as the company is progressing from its construction stage to production stage. He assured the community members, especially, the youth of job opportunities and development projects when the company commences production.

Source: A1radioonline.com|101.1Mhz|Joshua Asaah|Ghana

Hajia Charity urges UE Regional NDC Women’s Organizer to woo women ahead of December 7, 2024


The former Upper East Regional Women’s Organizer for the National Democratic Congress (NDC), Hajia Charity Asoema, has called on the party’s Women’s Organizer, Fawzia Abagnamah Yakubu, to be focused on wooing more women ahead of the December 7th general election.

Hajia Charity, the former Upper East Regional Organizer, said the time is due for Madam Abagnamah to intensify her campaign targeting women, in particular, at their various homes, workplaces, and wherever they can be found, and sell the NDC’s message to them.

According to Hajia Charity, proactive and strategic women’s leadership is key to the victory of the NDC in 2024, considering the fact that women form the majority in the country.

“We need to rescue this country, particularly we the NDC women. Madam Fawzia, the NDC Women’s Organizer, whatever she is doing, she has to forget about it and focus. She should focus on the women’s side by moving from market to market, farm to farm, classroom to classroom, house to house, so that we can win the women who have the power to change the voting pattern in the country.”

Hajia Charity, who was speaking to A1 Radio for the first time after she lost her position to Madam Fawzia Yakubu, also called on both executives and non-executives of the party to work hard for victory on December 7th. She stated that the country needs to be rescued from the NPP government, hence the party has to unite and work together.

“This election, everybody must come on board; it is not about you contested a position and did not win or not. It is over, all of us must come together and work hard to win the election in order to rescue Ghana, and it is not about NDC, it is about Ghana,” she said.

Hajia Charity, the NDC’s former Women’s Organizer, also took on the NPP government for its failure to develop the Upper East region as expected after borrowing more than any other government in the Fourth Republic.

Source: A1Radioonline.Com|101.1MHZ|David Azure|Bolgatanga|

NDC highlights acheivements of Isaac Adongo in Sherigu


Job Aboyom, the Bolgatanga Central Constituency Deputy Communication Officer for the National Democratic Congress (NDC), who also serves as the Deputy National TEIN Coordinator for the NDC, has unveiled some projects undertaken by Isaac Adongo, Member of Parliament for the Bolgatanga Central Constituency.

A document released by Mr. Aboyom focuses on four sectors: Education, Health, Security, and Water & Sanitation, which the MP initiated in communities within the Sherigu zone since assuming office as MP for the constituency in 2017.

The Bolgatanga Central Constituency is one of the largest constituencies in the Upper East Region, comprising a total of 148 polling stations grouped into 27 electoral areas across six zones.

According to the document released by Job Aboyom, the NDC National Deputy TEIN Coordinator, and endorsed by David Agorogo, the Bolga-Central Communication Officer, the focus is particularly on the Sherigu zone, one of the largest zones in the constituency.

In the education sector, according to the document, Mr. Adongo has supported over 60 students in paying their school fees within the Sherigu zone. Additionally, the MP donated 100 bags of cement to support physical infrastructure at the Bolga Sherigu Senior High School and provided 50 chairs and tables to the school.

Mr. Adongo also supported pupils of Kalbeo – Tindonsobiligo Basic Schools with metal dual desks.

Regarding health, Mr. Aboyom’s document states that the Bolga Central lawmaker has constructed a CHIPS compound at Nyorkoko community with a well-furnished maternity ward containing a delivery room with 10 beds, offices for records and the midwife, as well as washrooms.

The MP also constructed a well-furnished maternity ward at the Kalbeo CHIPS compound, also with a capacity of 10 beds and similar facilities.

In water and sanitation, Mr. Aboyom mentions that the MP successfully drilled, completed, and handed over 5 boreholes to five communities in the Sherigu enclave, including Kumbilingo, Dorongo, Azuuribisi, Kembisi, and Kalbeo. These boreholes aim to provide potable drinking water to the people.

Under security, the Deputy National TEIN Coordinator for the NDC, Mr. Aboyom, mentioned that the MP has constructed a police station at Kumbilingo, a suburb of Sherigu. The newly constructed police station includes an office for the station commander, cells for males and females, and washrooms, aiming to promote peace and security in the surrounding communities.

Source: A1Radioonline.com|101.1MHZ|David Azure|Bolgatanga

Kandiga chief calls for creation of new district out of existing Kassena-Nankana West District


The Chief of Kandiga Traditional Area in the Kassena-Nankana West District of the Upper East Region, Naba Henry Abawine Amenga-Etego II, is calling on authorities to create a new district out of the existing Kassena-Nankana West District to foster development.

While appealing to the government to address the numerous developmental challenges facing Kandiga and its surrounding communities, Naba Amenga-Etego II emphasizes the need for a new district to be created for the communities in the eastern part of the district.

“I wish to make a special appeal for the support of all and sundry to help me, my people, and the Kassena-Nankana East community execute the following projects to aid development. We passionately appeal for the creation of a district for the Kassena-Nankana East communities.”

Delivering the speech on behalf of the Upper East Regional Divisional Chiefs President, Naba Amenga-Etego II, Dr. Wilfred Akapanga appeals to the government to support Kandiga Senior High Technical School with a classroom block and extend electricity to communities without power, among other needs.

“Construct a six-unit classroom block for the Kandiga Senior High Technical School to be absorbed by the central government. We call for the extension of electricity to cover at least 80% of the total population of Kandiga. Also, we wish for the refurbishment and upgrading of the Kasena-Nankana East Health Centre to a District Hospital.”

The appeal by Kandiga Chief Naba Amenga-Etego II was made during his 50th-anniversary Golden Jubilee celebration at his palace.

Source: A1Radioonline.Com | 101.1MHZ | David Azure | Kandiga

Frmr Deputy Power Minister dissapointed over ECG’s refusal to release load shedding timetable


The former Member of Parliament for the Tamale Central Constituency and former Deputy Power Minister under the erstwhile NDC government, Inusah Fuseini, has expressed his disappointment in the management of the Electricity Company of Ghana (ECG) for consistently refusing to release a load shedding schedule to help Ghanaians plan their lives.

He made these comments following the Electricity Company of Ghana’s (ECG) denial of power outages, commonly known as “dumsor,” occurring in the country.

The Managing Director, Samuel Dubik Mahama, told journalists after a meeting with the Mines and Energy Committee of Parliament that the challenges with the transformers had been addressed and that there is no ongoing load-shedding, despite certain reports suggesting otherwise.

Speaking on the Daybreak Upper East show, Mr. Fuseini said that even if the issue is related to transformers, it would still be appropriate to provide Ghanaians with a power rationing schedule to enable them to plan their lives.

He said, “The ECG is a service provider, and when you provide us with service, people pay, and you realize that you will encounter difficulties because some of your machines are out for service. Due to the current situation, we can’t afford to buy fuel, and the gas is not coming. Some machines are faulty, so we have less power. This is the problem. You are mentioning transformers. Even if it were transformers, wouldn’t it be proper to inform your customers why we are experiencing these issues? The customers ask for information on when they should expect and not expect power so that we can organize ourselves. Is it wrong to ask?”

Source: A1Radioonline.com|101.1MHz|Samuel Adagom|Ghana

Bolgatanga Technical University to launch PhD program in Agriculture


Exciting developments are underway at Bolgatanga Technical University as the Vice Chancellor hints at the institution’s plans to introduce a PhD program in the School of Agriculture.

In a recent radio interview, the VC, Prof. Samuel Erasmus Alnaa, revealed that the university is laying the groundwork for this significant expansion following the successful implementation of various master’s postgraduate programs.

Expressing his enthusiasm for the initiative, the VC stated, “I am happy to inform you that we are beginning the process of running a PhD program in the School of Agriculture. This school is endowed with full associate professors capable of supervising PhD theses.”

He further outlined the timeline, indicating that the program is slated to commence within the next two years, coinciding with the graduation of the current cohort of MSc students.

This announcement signals a significant milestone for Bolgatanga Technical University in its commitment to advancing academic excellence and research in the field of agriculture.

By offering a PhD program, the university aims to provide scholars and practitioners with an opportunity to engage in advanced study and contribute to the growth and innovation of the agricultural sector.

The decision to focus on agriculture aligns with the university’s strategic priorities and the region’s economic needs, highlighting the importance of equipping future leaders with the necessary skills and expertise to address contemporary challenges in the field.

Source: A1Radioonline.com|101.1MHz|Gerard Asagi|Ghana

VC for Bolgtanga Technical University pushes for increased female enrolment in engineering programs

Prof. Samuel Erasmus Alnaa

Prof. Samuel Erasmus Alnaa, Vice Chancellor of Bolgatanga Technical University, has expressed concern over the reluctance of females to pursue engineering-related programs.

He emphasized the importance of encouraging more females to enter these fields, acknowledging the societal barriers that deter them from pursuing such careers.

He made this comment while shedding light on the university’s recent graduation ceremony held on April 6th, 2024.

Among the highlights, Prof. Alnaa revealed that out of the 628 graduates, 84 graduated with first-class honors. The number is made up of 42 females and 42 males, showcasing a significant achievement in gender parity within the institution.

Despite this milestone, Prof. Alnaa expressed concern over the reluctance of females to pursue engineering-related programs. He emphasized the importance of encouraging more females to enter these fields, acknowledging the societal barriers that deter them from pursuing such careers.

“Females shy away from engineering-related courses, but we are making efforts at encouraging them to enter the field. They say what men can do, women can do better, so we are hoping that in the future, females will participate more in engineering programs.”

In a bid to address this disparity, Prof. Alnaa noted that the university has instituted a scheme to award the best female engineering student.

He also acknowledged the efforts of CAMFED, an NGO dedicated to empowering young women, for their initiatives in training female students in trade skills traditionally dominated by males.

Source: A1Radioonline.com|101.1MHz|Gerard Asagi|Ghana