pregnancy-21141Actors in the education sector in the Talensi district are expressing worry about the increase of cases of teenage pregnancy in the District. They say quite a number of teenage girls before sitting for the just ended Basic Education Certificate Education (BECE) in the district became pregnant.

In a Talensi District Education Oversight Committee report on circuit supervisor’s performance, some circuit supervisors said some of the girls upon getting pregnant for their teenage mates were forced by their parents to get married.

According to one of the circuit supervisors, a teenage girl who got pregnant travelled down south of the country with her teenage boyfriend in order to avoid the shame and they ended up attempting to abort the pregnancy.

The girl lost her life as a result of the attempted abortion. Samuel Atiah, supervisor of the Zoliba-Duusi circuit said there is a primary five pupil from Pelungu who is currently carrying a pregnancy for her teenage mate.

From: Joshua Asaah |



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