zoomlionOver the years, Navrongo has been rated as a township that could be described as better in issues of sanitation. It would be re-called that in 2010, the township was counted amongst the cleanest in the region.

This enviable position is fast deteriorating as some zoomlion workers say the attitude of some residents could be attributed to the increasing sanitation problems in the township.

A visit to some refuse sites in Navrongo revealed that some residents deliberately damp refuse on the ground even when the rubbish containers provided by zoomlion and the assembly are empty.

Another  visit to the Navrongo central market which was guttered by fire earlier this year revealed that the market has been re-structured with the burnt down stalls back in full shape. Some of the market women who spoke to A1 News said the sanitation situation in the market gets worrying when filth produced mostly on market days are not collected and left for the market women who say they are sometimes compelled to pay cabbage fees to some individuals to collect these refuse.

By: Albert Azongo | A1radioonline.com | Ghana



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