tuberculosis-tbAn estimated Six Hundred and thirteen new cases of Tuberculosis are detected in the Upper East Region every year. This is far below the expected case notification of 1, 136. Using the analogy of 106 TB cases per a 100,000 population, the region is expected to detect and make notifications of 1,136 TB cases. This means that about 523 TB cases representing a percentage of 46.04 % go undetected every year.

This is according to a shadow report on the state of Tuberculosis in the Upper East Region released by TB-affected People in the region and the Rural Initiatives for Self-Empowerment (RISE-Ghana). The research was funded by the Stop TB Partnership Challenge Facility for Civil Society. Project Manager for RISE Ghana, Ahmed Awal threw light on the report on A1 Radio’s Daybreak Upper East with Albert Sore on Wednesday.

Assistant Upper East Regional Coordinator for TB and HIV, Sulemana Majeed explained that though the treatment of TB is free for everyone even without health insurance, the Ghana Health Service in fighting the disease has faced some peculiar challenges across rural communities in the region. He said stigma and the unwillingness of people who show TB symptoms to go for tests are major challenges they face and encouraged such people to make sure they go for the tests since they are for free including the treatment.

Mr. Majeed added that late detection of TB cases result in more complicated treatment procedures and can even lead to death of the patients involved.

By: Albert Sore | | Ghana

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