Luxury vehicle owners run away from new levy

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All owners of luxury vehicle owners who have visited the office of the Driver and Vehicle Licensing Authority (DVLA) in the Upper East Region to either register or renew road worthy documents of their vehicles turned away because they could not afford; acting Upper East Regional director of DVLA, Mr. Abdulai Mutawakilu has revealed.

The Parliament of the Republic of Ghana has passed the Luxury Vehicle Levy to impose an annual levy on vehicles with high engine capacities. The implementation of this Law took effect from Wednesday, 1st August, 2018.

Vehicles with engine capacity of 2,950 Cubic Centimeters and more are required to pay respective levies. Owners of vehicles with engine capacities of 2950cubic centimeters to 3549 cubic centimeters will pay GH¢1,000 annually while those with 3550 cubic centimeters to 4049 cubic centimeters will pay GH¢1,500 cubic centimeters and 4049 cubic centimeters to GH¢2,000 above.

But in the Upper East Region, DVLD has said owners of affected vehicles whose road worthy certificates expired and they went to renew, or those who sought to register at fresh turned away because they claimed the rates were too high.

Speaking on with William Nlanjerbor Jalulah, host of Reporters’ Visit, A1 Radio’s news and current affairs analysis programme last Friday, Mr. Mutawakilu suggested that the Ministry of Finance and Economic Planning must fashion out a programme to educate the public about the new policy.

They only asked DVLA as an implementing agency to collect but for the reasons why you have to pay ABCD, was supposed to be done by the ministry of finance.

We expected that the ministry of finance will do more education on this. It’s the responsibility of the ministry of finance to give the general public why so so and explain some of the reasons why those this are done.” He said.

He warned that the authority would however launch an operation to clamp down vehicles whose road worthy documents are expired or new vehicles without road worthy documents. He said: “Since they are still on the road, we go onto the road as usual, when we chance [on] any of them, we pick up the vehicle and we park it that is all.”




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