The Member of Parliament for Nabdam Constituency in the Upper East Region, Dr. Mark Kurt Nawaane has sent a strong signal to the governing New Patriotic Party(NPP), that he cannot be unseated.

Speaking to the media after he had commissioned a newly built party office complex for the National Democratic Congress in the Nabdam Constituency at Nangodi, the legislator said, he knows the game plan of the NPP and no attempts to unseat him will work.

“NPP can never unseat Dr. Nawaane, if they want to unseat Dr. Nawaane, then I will say that, they should probably have to look for NDC people to unseat me, because I don’t know; as an NDC member, I treat everybody equally, but I don’t know what’s in people’s heads.

For the NPP people, I know them, I know them in and out and I know that, they can never by themselves unseat me, because I know their game and I know how to handle their game. Remember that, they had opened a gap of about 520 votes and I opened a gap of about 3000 votes, just within one campaign period so, I know how to get them.

I don’t want to give details now, but me and Mahama we expect to open up a gap of over 5000 votes difference.” He stressed.

Touching on the construction of the party office complex, the Nabdam legislator said, he has never felt comfortable as a Member of Parliament knowing that, a party that has been winning elections for years, has no party office in the constituency.

According to him, this is what prompted him to start the project in 2018.

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“In short, I will say, it’s the NDC that put up this edifice. Indeed, when I came home in 2018, I asked them why we don’t have a party office and the answer was that, they had discussed it several times, but it was just like, they discussed it and after that, no action was taken. … I left some money to get some bags of cement to initiate the process, and I am someone who believes that, when you want to build, the most important thing is to initiate the process, that is my believe. So with the assistance of the current chairman, we were able to get the owner of the piece of land to lease the land to us.” He explained.

However, Dr. Nawaane is confident that, the new party office complex, will promote proper documentation and recordings of party activities in the constituency.

Source: | Ngamegbulam Chidozie Stephen | Ghana




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