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NPP Boos Asiedu Nketia With ‘Kwasia Bi Nti’

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Johnson Asiedu Nketiah
Johnson Asiedu Nketiah

GENERAL SECRETARY of the National Democratic Congress (NDC) Johnson Asiedu Nketia was bathed with deafening ‘Kwasia Bi Nti’ boos by delegates during the New Patriotic Party (NPP) National Delegates’ Conference at the Tamale Sports Stadium last Saturday afternoon.

The mere presence of the NDC chief scribe at the function to give fraternal message on behalf of his party, caused drama at the place, as his innuendo-filled delivery was counter-attacked by shouts of ‘Tweaaa’ from the incensed NPP supporters.

The NDC General Secretary had finished giving the message from the ruling political party when the charged crowd in unison, started hurling the ‘Kwasia Bi Nti’ chants at him in a loud tone.

At the tail end of his speech, which was full of insinuations and attacks on the NPP, Mr. Asiedu-Nketia popularly called ‘General Mosquito’, jokingly said he wanted to test if the erected dais for the event was good enough to carry his tiny weight, ostensibly to tease the NPP fans.

Kwasia Bi Nti

Before he could land on this remark, the MC for the event, Anthony Karbo, hurriedly asked the charged crowd what the cause of the current severe economic hardship biting Ghanaians was, and they loudly retorted, “Kwasia Bi Nti!”

The charged NPP delegates, amid the waving of party flags, sustained the ‘Kwasia Bi Nti’ chants in a deafening tone as General Mosquito, who was accompanied by NDC executives in the Northern Region including Sofo Azorka, the chairman, descended from the dais to their seats.

The NDC General Secretary looked morose, but he acted smart, as he tried to cover up by waving at the NPP delegates who were determined to continue with the boos.

At the mention of the name, ‘Asiedu-Nketia’ by the MC for the event, the thousands of NPP delegates registered their protest by making noise to send a strong signal to the NDC scribe that he was on hostile grounds.

It was the first in recent past that an NDC high-ranking official like the General Secretary was attending an NPP congress.


General Mosquito, who seemed not to care about the shouts, greeted the crowd with the ‘Kukrudu’ slogan of the NPP, but he was shocked to the marrow to hear the huge crowd reply in a loud voice, “We want change! We want change!!”

Eye Zu

He quickly switched from the ‘Kukrudu’ mantra to the ‘Eye Zu’ tune of the the NDC, but the charged crowd would not budge, as they sustained their shouts of “We want change! We want change!!” which interrupted his delivery for some minutes.

Mr. Asiedu-Nketia at a point tried to dance to the ‘We want change’ tune being sung by the NPP faithful, after which he greeted the gathering on behalf of the NDC, when calm was restored temporarily.


The NDC scribe’s salutation on behalf of his party was instantly greeted with shouts of ‘Tweaaa, Tweaaa, Tweaaa,’ from the charged crowd. Mr. Asiedu-Nketia was left with no option than to wait for the shouts to subside before he could continue.


When calm was finally restored, General Mosquito, in a teasing manner, shouted back at the crowd that those who were not the NDC’s “co-equals” were the people that were shouting ‘Tweaaa, Tweaaa’ at the function. This was apparently to jab the NPP.

The ‘Tweaaa’ shouts by the crowd started again when General Mosquito said he was expecting the general secretary of the NPP to reciprocate his gesture by also attending a similar event of the NDC in future.


Getting to serious business, Mr. Asiedu-Nketia admonished the NPP to conduct the congress, and in particular, the selection of the new executives, in a fair and peaceful manner, saying “the whole world is watching you today.”

He noted that the NPP’s congress was a national affair so the NDC was firmly behind them, urging the NPP to leave Tamale as a united political party so that proud sons of Ghana like Kofi Annan, Cardinal Appiah Turkson and President Mahama, the ECOWAS boss, would be proud of their achievements.

Tweaaa Again

The crowd, as if they had planned ahead, suddenly shouted ‘Tweaaa, Tweaaa, Tweaaa’ after General Mosquito made mention of President Mahama. The incessant shouts, once again, interrupted his speech, as there was total disorder at the place.

Continuing, General Mosquito stated emphatically that democracy had come to stay in Ghana, urging both the winners and losers of the NPP elections to accept the results in good faith for the progress of the party and Ghana as a whole.


Mr. Asiedu-Nketia described Tamale, the Northern Regional capital and venue of the NPP congress, as the second headquarters of the NDC in terms of vote accumulation, stating categorically that the NDC was not ready to lose their grip on Tamale to the NPP in 2016.

Source: I.F. Joe Awuah Jnr, Tamale

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