Climate change is under a serious threat and needs to be addressed before the situation escalates in the Upper East Region of Ghana. It is reported that a chunk of the population rely on wood fuel for domestic and commercial purposes. The phenomenon according to findings, has led to an increased pressure and attack on the natural vegetation.

 A 2018 report on the usage of Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG) has revealed that the region recorded a very low consumption of 1%.

This was contained in statement read by the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of National Petroleum Authority (NPA) Alhassan Tampoli during the luanch of a Cylinder Recirculation Model in Bolgatanga as part of the Liquefied Petroleum Gas Policy to ensure that 50% of Ghanaians have access to safe, clean and environmentally friendly LPG for increased domestic, commercial and industrial usage by 2030.

The National LPG Policy provides backing for a new LPG distribution model which is centered on the use of the cylinder recirculation model as the market structure. The cylinder recirculation model is the LPG distribution model which involves filling of cylinders at bottling plants and supplying the filled cylinders to consumers at specialized retail outlets called exchange points for the consumer to exchange empty cylinders for a filled one.    

Mr. Tampoli explained that the motive behind the nationwide engagement was a move to ensure safe use of LPG contents and steps in protecting the already depleted reserves and vegetation cover.

 “In the year 2018, Ghana consumed 288,328, 785 kilos 0f LPG. Statistics show that the northern sector accounted for just about 4% of the total national consumption of LPG of which only 1% is attributed to consumption in the Upper East Region. This shows that there is more room for LPG usage in the upper east region and this will significantly protect our vegetative cover” he said   

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 Mr. Tampoli has however indicated that despite the risks associated with the poor handling of LPG, his outfit will ensure that consumers are sensitized  to enable them reduce avoidable fatalities associated with LPG usage and explosions. He noted that avoidable accidents resulting to the loss of lives from gas explosions are regrettable because issues of safety and job creation have been high on the agenda of President Nana Akufo Addo’s government.

 “The issue of safety and job creation has been high on the agenda of his Excellency President Nana Akufo Addo’s government and this has culminated to the introduction and implementation of the Cylinder Recirculation model of LPG” he observed

The regional lunch of the Cylinder Recirculation Model of LPG brought together Chiefs, Drivers, Hairdressers, Ghana Fire Service and other stakeholders to solicit their views on the implementation of the Liquefied Petroleum Gas Policy.

Source: Mbura




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