Excessive use of mobile phones by teachers during school hours is said to be a contributory factor to the falling standards of education in the country.

Some teachers, according to Silas Ayaaba, Programmes Manager of Dynamic Approach to School Improvement (DASI) an educational project of Afrikids,some teachers use classes hours for phone calls and on social media to the neglect of the students they are supposed to impart knowledge.

One of the things which is affecting effective teaching and learning is the excessive use of mobile phones by teachers. As a teacher, assuming you have 30 minutes lesson to deliver and you spend 15 minutes receiving calls and Whatsapping, so you can imagine the outcome”.

Mr. Ayaaba laments that if this growing trend is not tackled can adversely affect teaching and learning.

He also observed that some teachers who have enrolled into sandwich programs engage in personal studies than focusing on their assigned responsibilities at school.

Mr. Ayaaba who spoke exclusively to A1 News suggested that revamping of the Parent Teacher Association (PTA) and the School Management Committees (SMCs) to monitor the activities of teachers will help address the situation.




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