Member of the Bolgatanga municipal assembly, Johnson Ayine has urged authorities of the assembly to consider expanding existing health centers instead of constructing more CHPS compounds.

According to him, majority of residents prefer to seek medical care at health centres to the CHPS thus the need to expand health centres within the municipality to cater for the increasing patients turnout.  

Mr. Ayine,  made the proposal on the floor of the assembly’s ordinary meeting in Bolgatanga, after the assembly  announced plans to construct eight(8) new CHPS compounds next year.

“We have built CHPS compounds  to an extend that, every community is demanding for one, so we are building them everywhere and they are not into proper use and we cannot achieve the purpose of them as far as we adopt that kind of approach”.

“You get to two electoral areas which are closer to each other, and we are giving all of them CHPS compounds and they are not far from a health center or hospital. And when it comes to health delivery people see those who are in the health centers as more professional than those in CHPS compounds.

And health has to do with psychology, and our thinking of this facility is better than the other is part of the healing process so they prefer going for a health care than wasting their time at the CHPS compounds”.

In an exclusive interview with A1 NEWS, the Bolgatanga municipal health director of Health services, Mr. Edmund Nyanwura, said, health centres and CHPS compounds both play different but critical roles worth investing in , to deliver effective and efficient health care delivery for all.

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 “What we should not confuse is what a CHPS is; a CHPS is a Community base health planning and services. Which has the community involved with health personnel trained to stay at the community and proved basic health care, they do home visiting where you have pregnant women, children under five years and adolescents.

In fact, the idea is a life course health approach where everybody needs is taking care of at the CHPS zone. And the conditions that are beyond their level are those we refer to next level which becomes the health centers”.

Source:||101.1MHZ|David Azure|Ghana




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