The People National Convention (PNC) parliamentary candidate for the Talensi constituency Dr. Michael Namalteng Wombeogo,says, he will streamline the mining sector in the Talensi District to bring development to the constituency if elected as Member of Parliament (MP) in the December 7,polls.

Mr. Wombeogo, accused mining companies in the Talensi District of not contributing significantly to development the area.

Speaking on A1 radio’s Daybreak Upper East, Dr. Wombeogo, pledged to lobby mining companies in the district to prioritize the area’s development when voted into office.

“If not because of the mining that, the individuals have actually come to the realization that they need to develop themselves, I don’t know where Talensi would have been. If, it’s left with the multinational companies that they have brought, I haven’t actually seen a significant contribution of these people in Talensi. They haven’t even constructed anything meaningful that you can point at and say because these companies are here; they have done this for Talensi.

People are collecting the money and putting in their pockets and then when it’s time for campaign they will come and throw money and people think that is the kind of money that they need. When I come in, I am going to work with those people, advocate with them, lobby them to invest part of what they have gotten into the development of Talensi.”

Dr.Wombeogo, also promised to asphalt the Tongo hospital road which is in a deplorable state and negatively affecting access to health care in the area when elected as MP.

“Currently if you go to Tongo, immediately you pass the Tongo market and you want to go to the hospital, the Tongo hospital, if it rains you cannot go there. The road is simply deplorable, it cannot be described. How on earth, that we can be sitting in a district, that is the capital of that district and then we cannot go to the hospital.

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The place that we call a hospital no pregnant woman can go there when it rains because the road network is not good. Look I want to promise them that 2021 we are going to asphalt that road from that point to the hospital and give it a decency that will befit the status of the hospital. I assure the people of Talensi. And from there you can’t move to any other place, when you are moving to the east through the Tongo road, it’s terrible and I don’t know who is presiding over all this. Is it that we do not deserve that?”

Source:||101.1MHZ|Samuel Adagom|Ghana




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