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My dead partner kept warning me in my dream to stop – 21-year-old former gay

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A 21-year-old boy has said the persistent appearance of his late partner in his dreams counted as one of the reasons he gave up being gay.

According to the boy who appeared on Angel FM’s Anopa Bofo hosted by Captain Smart, he was introduced to ‘gayism’ at the age of 11 by his cousin.

He said after his first act with his cousin on a farm in their village when his cousin visited from Accra for vacation, he never engaged in the act again until he got to the Junior High school where he was once again introduced to the act by a colleague who lured him with money and gifts.

“When I got to JHS one, I met the guy who was very helpful to me and things were very difficult for me at the time. He liked me and was helping me with money and other stuff and so I never thought he was going to eventually ask of that later. He was also giving me money and one Friday he asked to come home.”

He said after getting to his friends’ home, the idea of becoming his gay partner was sold to him and he agreed on the basis of his financial constraints and the opportunities that was to come along with it.

“When I got there, he told me about it (gayism) and thinking about what I was going through by then, I accepted it because I thought it will help me financially.”

He narrated that during their three years of practice as partners a lot of students, as well as their headmaster suspected them but they both denied.
The young man who was wearing a cap and a nose mask with his face blurred to cover his identity, further narrated that his partner eventually died in an accident just two months before their completion.

He said he started realizing the need to give up gayism after the death of his partner and on top of that was subjected to several dreams in which his deceased partner was urging him to give up the act.

“We were into a relationship for three good years and it was until two months to our completion that he died in an accident. Since he died, I decided was not going to do it again and I was not with anyone. From age nine I started writing my own songs because I wanted to be a musician and when I was about to enter SHS I realized what I was doing was wrong. Moreover, my partner after his death kept appearing in my dreams sometimes telling me I need to stop because he was suffering where he is now and that made me decide I was not going back.”

He said despite the resolve, he found it difficult to give and up eventually had a relationship with a total of twenty men, five of whom were pastors.

He revealed that three out of the five pastors who slept with him were people he had sought help to stop gayism.

He indicates that after 11 years of engaging in the act, he has been able to give up on gayism through the help of Apostle Oko Agyemang even though things have not been easy for him.

Skip to 2:56:00 to watch the revealing interview below:


Source: Ghanaweb.com

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