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Infrastructure challenge impedes progress of free SHS-Minority

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The biggest challenge that faces the Akuffo Addo government introduction of free SHS is the lack of enough infrastructures to support the project this is according to the minority.

In a press statement, the minority alluded that this was foreseen by the NDC government led by President John Dramani Mahama that the higher intakes would demand more infrastructure to meet the demands of classroom and dormitory space. It is in view of this that the erstwhile Mahama government began the building of 200 E-Block facilities as Community Senior High schools to ensure that access to secondary education is brought more closely to the people as the country.

The minority noted that it is due to the infrastructure deficit in the educational sector that led to the introduction of the Double Track system, which is the first time in the history of secondary education in this country. The situation meant that schools had to run a shift system in order to deal with the infrastructure challenges.

The statement further said that dormitory space is not enough as bunker-beds are made so close to each other making movement in the dormitories very difficult for students. In many schools, the bunker-beds are unavailable and forcing students in the boarding house to spread their mattresses on the floor. As for the status of the available beds in our schools, only Ghanaian students can best describe it.

The minority also accused the Minister of Finance of putting impediments in the way of GETFUND such that access to the facility has become very difficult. “The Minister of Finance also appointed a Special Purpose Vehicle such that, all certificates due for payment and were duly vetted by the Technical and Accounts Units of GETFUND have to be vetted again by an audit firm solely appointed by the Minister, causing so much delay in the payment of over 800 million Ghana Cedis to contractors with the money being locked up with the Bank of Ghana”.

The statement concluded by calling on the government to address the infrastructure needs of the schools as a matter of urgency so that the looming crisis can be averted. The crowded dormitories and classrooms have to be decongested to avoid the spread of infectious diseases in our schools and this must involve a committed effort on the part of government to address the infrastructure challenges.

Source:A1radioonline.com|Agana Blaise|Ghana

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