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We are focused on what we are doing – fix the country campaigners

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Communication Command of Fix the Country Movement has stated that any tactics that the Ghana Police Service wants to employ do not concern them, since the Apex Court of the land has spoken on the matter and the path is clear for them to demonstrate.

Mr. John Koomson a member of fix the country campaigners, who spoke in an interview on Newslink on A1 Radio said, if the police want to go back to the Supreme Court they are free to do so, but as far as the fix the country movement is concern, they are going ahead to organize the protest and to have their voices heard about the governance of the country.

He said, “I don’t know what is wrong with Ghana Police Service in Ghana these days, its’ like they are trying so hard to ensure some people are protected.”

Mr. Koomson said they believe there is an ulterior motive by the police service in trying so hard to stop them from demonstrating because protests have been organized in this country but none have met resistance like the fix the country movement because they know the outcome of the movement.

He further said, “We are trying to make them understand that, if they do not listen to us, they are calling for a revolution, and this is going to be a civil revolution, no one will get hurt but we will make sure we take the country from their hands and put it on the right direction.”

Mr. Koomson said, they are going to make sure they show those in authority that they are law-abiding citizens as such the demonstration is going to be decentralized into localities and protestors will not be more than 25 people.

He watered down assertions that they are disguised members of the opposition National Democratic Congress(NDC).

Source: A1Radioonline.com| 101.1MHz| Ghana

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