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President feels guilty for the way he has governed the country – Bismark Ayorogo

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Executive Director at Northern Patriots in Research and Advocacy (NORPRA), Bismark Ayorogo has said the president feels guilty for superintending over the level of bad governance that we are seeing in the country.

Mr. Ayorogo said, he knows the president is an honest person so deep down his heart he knows he has failed Ghanaians after promising them to be a different leader and that he was going to protect the public purse, only to turn out to be a president that will spend public funds carelessly without recourse to the many challenges facing the Ghanaian society.

Mr. Ayorogo, who was speaking on Reporters’ Visit on A1 Radio said the president knows if he comes face to face with his maker he will not enter heaven due to the numerous lies and unfulfilled promises that he as told Ghanaians only for him to turnout to board an aircraft that cost so much and also afford him the opportunity to bath in the air.

He said, if the president has not bath in an aircraft in his over 60 years on earth with all the luxury and goodies around him, it means if he is flying and bathing now in  air to give him a heavenly experience can only mean heaven is out of his reach due to his bad leadership.

He wondered, why the defence minister Dominic Nitiwul that comes from a deprive area defend the actions of the president to bath in mid-air as lame and unjustifiable because the defense minister is from a place that poverty is very visible, where people do not have access to safe drinking water, children sit on the floor to learn among others yet he is comfortable defending bad leadership.

Mr. Ayorogo, is of the opinion that the president drank sachet water during the 2016 campaigns to suggest that he was a simple man with modest spending but now he thinks he deserves a luxurious flight that he can bath inside.

He bemoaned the actions by youth in society who go all out to defend corrupt politicians as the catalyst for increasing corruption rate.

Source: A1Radioonline.com/ 101.1MHz/ Ghana

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