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Dating a guy met at a funeral for three months is a suicidal mission- Ladies advise

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Some ladies in the Bolgatanga Municipality of the Upper East Region have advised their colleague ladies not to make a mistake in dating a guy met at funeral functions as such guys are nothing but opportunists.

They say, such guys only care of how many rounds they can go and not “putting a ring on your finger”.

According to them, one of the reasons a lot of ladies are not getting married is because they are dating guys that they met at funeral or party grounds and such guys are not husband materials.

Recounting their mistakes to A1radioonline.com, they noted that, they used to think that “swagger guys” or neatly dress guys were the way to go but they have finally realised that such guys are “zero” and do not think of marriage.

Rita, not her real name, said “I have dated not less than five of such guys and all they know is s ex and sex but not for once will they speak of knowing your family or marriage. I must say all of them I met was either on funeral or party grounds. So, never again will I repeat such a mistake and I’m calling on my colleagues to follow same.”

“My brother, I can’t see the future but no, no for me to date a guy that I met in the funeral ground”, says Monica aka Sponsor.

Sponsor added “In fact, I will not even agree to date a guy who, every day is always neat. Such guys are more than poisonous, they are good at counting rounds (sex) and not marrying you.”

Evelyn, not her real name but married also noted that she met her husband at the market which even they argument over prices of some consumable items.

She said “…when I saw him, he was doing as if he knew it all, so I did not also want to allow him go away so approach him. But with all that we finally understood each other and here we are.”

“My advice to girls out there is they should always take their time, understand the guy and what he wears every day”, she added.

Could their advises mean guys are the real problem or afraid of marriage?

A1radioonline.com will approach this concept further.

Source: A1radioonline.com/ 101.1 MHz/ Moses Apiah/ Ghana

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