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Tricycle Riders  cash in on travellers in floods areas of Bawku.

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Residents of Gagbiri and surrounding communities in the Upper East Region are paying higher transport fares to travel to nearby communities due to the impact of the floods of the Tamne dam in the Bawku enclave.
Apart from immersed cultivated farms such as rice and maize  and livestock, students from the neighboring communities like Gagbiri, Buguri, Zuli, Gaogo, Kugzua, Zambala, Kelakolog, Napaade, among others  are not able to  have access to their various schools.
Also from  Gagbiri, Garu ,to  Cincase, the  roads have also been covered with the  floods.
The riders are  charging commuters  from Gagbire to Zuli , GHC 3.00 higher which is  GHC 7.00 from an  initial fare of  GHC 4.00.
  The reason the riders gave was because of the long distance travelling from Gagbire to Zuli which they indicated they had to do that through Tempane before  linking up with Zuli  and outlining communities.
   Barikisu Seidu, a resident of Zuli who recounted the loses of  her family and other communities members  to this reporter  said the “community of Gagbiri could not ply the Zuli roads except by travelling from Tempane to that particular community.
She said most students stopped going to school due to high charges of Tricycles  who took advantage of the floods to cash in on travellersand natives.
   Noah Inusah also in an interview said the impact of the floods on food produce in Zuli was heavy  and  lamented on the high  cost of transportation and indicated that businessmen and women are unable to travel to the community to do any business.
“The  contractors did not make proper consultation and investigation with regards to the construction of the project before they commenced”. He said.
Tahiru Rahaman, Assembly man for Zambala community   said the  flood had rendered many homeless.
  He pleaded with government to come to the aid of the affected areas by supplying them with the necessary  amenities for  their survival in the community.
  The Tamne irrigation dam was started years  ago aimed at creating employment  and promotion of irrigation activities in the enclave.
Source: GNA
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