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NPP Communicator urges Assembly Members to embrace teamwork

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Deputy Communications Director for the governing New Patriotic Party in the Upper East Region, Johnson Ayine has admonished all the party members to be ready to work with all people across the political divide in all spheres of governance.

According to him, the governing party does not have the majority of parliamentarians in the region, a reason its members should be ready to collaborate with people from all fronts.

The New Patriotic Party performed abysmally in the 2020 general elections as well as other previous ones in the region as far as votes are concerned.

But speaking to Samuel Mbura on ‘Daybreak Upper East’ show on A1 Radio, Mr. Ayine said working with all members in the region regardless of their political affiliations would attract more people to the party; which will improve the electoral fortunes in the region.

“If you to say that only my people, it means it will not be able to attract others to come and join, and we need more. One of the reasons why we have a lot of people competing for MDCES is because we don’t have the numbers and we don’t have more MPs. And because the numbers didn’t add up properly, we are limited to the local positions; which are the MMDCES. So, it is not the best that we think that let us satisfy a certain class and leave another class.”, he articulated.

Mr. Ayine advised that there was a need for the NPP members to place a high premium on the betterment of the region at the expense of prioritizing partisanship.

Despite the party’s most recent poor performance, the Deputy Regional Communications Director still believes the party has gained more popularity in the region than it did previously.

He explained that the appreciation in votes the party got in the region over the last decade was attributable to assiduous work exhibited by its leadership.

He thus feared those gains could be eroded if assembly members were not ready to employ an all-inclusive approach when engaged in decision-making.

Source: A1|101.1MHz|Elijah Beyeni Yenibey|Ghana

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