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Gyampo backs Kan Dapaah on judiciary rulings

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Professor at the University of Ghana, Legon Ransford Yaw Gyampo has backed National Security Minister Albert Kan Dapaah over his observation about recent rulings of the judiciary.

Mr Kan Dapaah had observed that recent rulings by the justices of the country’s courts seem to favour the government.

This generated controversy with many attacking the former Member of Parliament for his utterance.

But Political Science Prof Gyampo said those who have taken the National Security Minister on are either being too partisan or do not know what they are talking about.

This was captured in a write-up on Tuesday, April 12.

Find the write-up below:

It is either the few very professional (but politically hawkish) people are being too partisan or completely do not know what they are talking about in their critique of Kan Dapaah’s candor.

Judicial oaths are not godly orders. They are not Biblical or Koranic injunctions that are even flouted with impunity by religious adherents. They are sworn and can be broken by the very fallible mortals who staff the bar and the bench.

It is a fact that there are some great independent minded judges in Ghana. But we cannot pretend or suddenly be afraid to point out quite frankly and without mincing words that, some people are also losing confidence in the judiciary and this is a major threat to national security.

To my mind, anyone who can’t understand this, does not only lack analytical astuteness. Such a person is also a political infant, a nation wrecker and a great threat to the quest for strong institutions, national cohesion, consensual politics, peace, and political stability, without which there can be no development.

We cannot offer partisan opposition or defense for everything. There must be an elite consensus on many issues that we must agree never to disagree on, else our drive towards the maturation of our democratization processes would be stampeded at all times.

Yaw Gyampo

A31, Prabiw

PAV Ansah Street



Suro Nipa House



Source: 3news.com
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