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Agenda 111: Work ongoing at Zebilla’s Infectious Disease Treatment Centre – Stephen Yakubu

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The Upper East Regional Minister, Stephen Yakubu is excited at the progress of work in the Zebilla Constituency. Under the government’s ambitious Agenda 111, the Zebilla Constituency is expected to benefit from an Infectious Disease Treatment Centre.

The facility when completed would serve as a critical point for health delivery for people resident in the area and the Upper East Region as a whole.

Mr. Yakubu said this when he spoke on A1 Radio’s Day Break Upper East Show.

“In Ghana, everything is politics and people do not believe that this policy is being implemented. I am very happy because I have seen that they [government] are working on these hospitals. These hospitals are going to come at a good time to help the region, especially the districts that do not have the district hospitals. We went to Zebilla, and they are supposed to benefit from the hospital that is being built there for infectious diseases. It is far advanced. They are almost roofing [the building]”.

“These are good times for the region,” the Minister said.

Earlier, Mr. Yakubu expressed his displeasure at the seeming lack of progress in the region. He was unhappy that the Upper West Region, carved out of the then Upper Region, constantly outperformed the Upper East Region.

The Regional Minister, unhappy about the situation, explained that it does not bode well for the Upper East Region as an older region.

“The Upper West Region was born out of the Upper East Region, but if you look at the rankings in a lot of things, we are behind the Upper West Region. It means that there are things that we are not doing right. There was some grading of all of the regions. We did not do very well. I have also been here for about a year [as Regional Minister], I have gone round, I have seen the way people work, and I am not enthused at all,” he said.

“I have decided to go round and let people know my displeasure and also for them to change. The most important thing is change. If you have a job, I think you have to be serious with the job and work,” the Regional Minister added.

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