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Yorogo abattoir: Butchers cry over lack of water; make swift return to old slaughterhouse

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Butchers in the Bolgatanga Municipality of the Upper East Region are lamenting over the recent water crisis that has hit their ultramodern Abattoir in Yorogo over the past few days.

According to the butchers, moving to the Abattoir has been rather a punishment than the heaven that was promised to them.

Speaking to A1 News, one of the butchers popularly known as ‘Yakubu Supply’ explained that for the past few days, they have been compelled to fetch water from a nearby dam to help them in their daily activities at the abattoir because the taps at the facility have refused to flow.

He said, “there is a dam nearby for the past few days. Where we also go there to fetch water for our work, the water is not clean. We don’t know what to do. The MCE has not even visited us since he asked us to go come here.”

Another butcher said, “we are unable to even wash the facility very well. The pillars are dirty, the floor is dirty and we can’t even wash it because there is no water. The locals say that we are finishing the water in the dam.”

Speaking to the Chairman of the Youth Butchers in Bolgatanga, Alhaji Angushie confirmed the situation to A1 News explaining that the only water available is the one from the dam.


He said, “we have complained several times about the water issue but it appears no one is listening to us. First, they used to bring water with a tanker but that was not enough. Now, they do not bring it anymore and the dam is our only source of water. The people of Yorogo too are complaining, this water issue has really had a toll on our businesses”.

They are therefore calling on the Assembly to go to their aid and help them fix the issue immediately without any delays.

As a result of the unavailability of water at the Yorogo facility, the butchers have made a swift return to the old slaughterhouse.

Source: A1radioonline.com|101.1 MHz|Kennedy Zongbil|Bolgatanga|Ghana

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