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Daniel Ayine promises to address transparency when elected as NPP regional treasurer

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Daniel Ayine Nsobila, NPP regional hopeful for the treasurer position is confident of winning the Friday delegates congress.

“We are only two on the ballot paper, me and the incumbent. I will say that he has done his part but it is not enough to secure us a victory in the region. And I think we need to make changes and I stand very tall. I contested him four years ago and we were four but now that we are two, it is going to be a straight fight and he knows that it is going to be a knockout”, Mr. Ayine touted his chances.

The party has scheduled Friday, May 27th for the conduct of its regional annual delegates conference for the election of regional executives for the Upper East Region.

Appearing on A1 Radio’s Critical Issues, Mr. Ayine said he hopes to embark on an annual dinner and fundraising to mobilize resources for the party activities if the delegates entrust the mandate to him come Friday.

“Politic in Ghana, the headquarters only recognizes the constituency offices when there is time for an election. But what will they survive on before resources are sent o them? So, I am going to engage constituency treasurers on how to raise funds by organizing dinners/fundraising to mobile resources to run the activities of the party.”

He accused the incumbent treasurer of not being transparent and accountable with regard to party funds and he hopes to address that if voted into office.

“For you to be a good treasurer, you must be transparent and accountable because people have entrusted resources into care. When I was the constituency treasurer in Bolgatanga Central, I always make sure that every year, or half-year I prepare what I called an income and expenditure report and give it to all the 27 electoral area coordinators. I have gone round and when asked delegates whether he [incumbent treasurer] has prepared a financial statement and serve all the constituencies, the answer is no. so where is the transparency, not to talk of accountability.”

Source: A1Radioonline.com|101.1Mhz|Joshua Asaah|Bolgatanga|Ghana

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