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Don’t burn rubbish in Zoomlion containers – Bolga Municipal Assembly warns

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The Bolgatanga Municipal Assembly is worried that despite the continuous education, some community members continue to set fire to rubbish collected in the huge metal waste bins provided by Zoomlion Ghana Limited. These actions are taken, ostensibly, by community members to reduce the rubbish collected into the metal containers and make room for more.

This however weakens the metal waste bins and shortens their lifespan. The situation has become a worry to the MCE for Bolgatanga, Rex Asanga.

Speaking on the Day Break Upper East Show, Friday, June 10, 2022, Mr. Asanga explained that the Assembly is not in the financial position to fix or replace the damaged bins continually. The situation continues to affect the overall sanitation of the Municipality.

“People keep burning rubbish inside these containers. That shortens the lifespan of these containers. They are very expensive containers. We are actually in the process of acquiring those containers; those big containers you see in the communities where refuse is being dumped,” he said.

Mr. Asanga warned that the situation cannot continue as it a drain on the pocket of the Assembly.

The MCE however explained that there has been increased collaboration between the Municipal Assembly and Zoomlion Ghana Limited to help address the sanitation situation in the municipality.

It would be recalled that in February when the MCE spoke on the same platform, he gave a strong indication that its fight to decongest unplanned and overcrowded areas and ensure proper sanitary practices in the Municipality would be intensified.

He said the Municipality could not continue to wallow in filth. Also, Mr. Asanga was displeased about the haphazard nature with which some structures had taken up parts of the roads.

“You see what Accra is doing, we are going to do something similar. I do not see why you should put a container next to the street, right in front of a gutter and then you are waiting for Zoomlion or Assembly labourers to come and sweep. We will not tolerate that. Anyone who is unable to keep his or her frontage clean, we will shut him or her down. You won’t use the shop for about a week. When you are ready, you would come to the Assembly to sign a bond of good conduct,” he said.

Source: A1radioonline.com|101.1MHz|Mark Kwasi Ahumah Smith|Ghana

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