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Muslims in Mecca pray for Allah’s intervention to end conflict in Bawku

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Some Muslims from the Northern half of the country are taking advantage of the presence in Mecca, under the holy pilgrimage, to recite the Qu’ran and say prayers seeking Allah’s graciousness and blessing to help the warring factions in Bawku find lasting peace and stability.

In a video cited by a1radioonline.com, Ahmed Rashad Falkey, the Tamale Zongo Imam explained that the time has come for peace to reign in Bawku.

“We are in the Holy land. Taking advantage of the Holy land, knowing very well what is happening in Bawku, there is no peace there. All of us here, collectively, must come to the understanding that it is only Allah that can resolve the issue in Bawku. For that matter, we have taken the decision to recite the Qu’ran here and seek help from Allah to ensure there is peace in Bawku.”

“All of us here; Mamprusis, Kussasis, Moshis, Dagobas, Waalas and Sissalas, all of us in the north, we are concerned about the peace in Bawku. That is why we are in this Holy Mosque trying to seek peace for Bawku,” he said.

He continued to say that “the lack of peace in Bawku has also disorganised government. The development that we need in Bawku, we cannot get it now. All the resources are pumped into the army, and the police to ensure peace whereas those resources could have gone into the development of Bawku and made it big.”

“Some time ago, Bawku was the biggest in terms of resources for development. Now, we are nowhere. All of us are asking for peace for Bawku.”

Source: A1radioonline.com|101.1MHz|Mark Kwasi Ahumah Smith|Ghana

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