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Aluta Continua: Until Peter Ayinbisa’s appointment’s withdrawn, strike continues – NPP Communicators

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The strike of members of the Upper East Regional Communication Team of the NPP could drag on for quite some time. This is because the communicators are unwilling to compromise on their distaste for the appointment of Peter Ayinbisa as Regional Director of Communications.

In a petition sighted by a1radioonline.com, the 33 petitioners say Peter Ayinbisa’s appointment was done without proper consultation as has been the norm for the party.

“Article 7 section 4 a) of the party’s constitution gives the Regional Executive Committee the right to, within fourteen (14) days after their election, appoint qualified persons as Regional Officers who are required to be appointed under section 2 of same Article including the position of the Regional Communication Officer.”

“This, it said must be done based on a broader consultation with the National Executive Committee. However, we had a situation whereby people were appointed without prior application to the tenets of good communication. Ignoring the simple fact of consulting the stakeholders in the Communication Team, many times, ended the Regional Officers appointing persons who do not reside within the capital or never had the time to play that role effectively and most times, this breeds a lot of conflict within the communication wing in the region.”

“Based on these and many others, it became a convention that, the communication officer should be considered within the Communication team as the team is noted to have been working together over the years and will be comfortable working with an appointee from within or at least as courtesy demands inform the communication team of appointing someone, not within the team.”

“After the Regional Officers elections were over, we as a communication team expected that the newly constituted Executive Committee would have out of respect and the spirit of communality invited us to a meeting and tell us their policy direction and interest in the appointment of the Regional Communications Officer. But this was not done,” portions of the statement read.

The communicators insisted that until the appointment is withdrawn, they will continue to strike.

“We are not the least happy about the appointment of Hon. Peter Ayinbisa Ayamga as our Communications Director and demand of the following as remedy.”

” … we demand with immediate effect the withdrawal of Hon. Peter Ayinbisa Ayamga’s appointment as the Regional Communications Director. We are of the firm conviction that his appointment does not reflect the diversity and Regional character of the party.”

“We shall continue with our strike action until the above recommendations are fulfilled.”

Source: A1radioonline.com|101.1MHz|Mark Kwasi Ahumah Smith|Ghana

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