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UE: Regional Executives didn’t pick any Communicator because as Reg. Comms. Dir. because …

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Members of the NPP’s Upper East Regional Communications Team are bewildered about the reasons why no member of the communication team was appointed to the position of Regional Director of Communications.

This was contained in a petition signed by 33 communicators directed to the National Communications Team and sighted by a1radioonline.com.

“We only woke up to hear the news that the appointments were done in Accra and Hon. Peter Ayinbisa Ayamga, a former Constituency Chairman, a former Parliamentary Candidate, and a former DCE all of the Bongo Constituency, was appointed as the Regional Communication Officer. He recently was a contender in the Regional Organiser position and lost.”

“Shockingly as it was to all and sundry, the information got to the team that the following were the reasons why no communication member was qualified to be appointed: that the communication team campaigned against the current crop of Regional Officers. That no one from the communication team is well-resourced enough to go around the various constituencies on their own in respect of party activities. They cannot afford to have any member of the Communications Team be on the Regional Executive committee as it was obvious that all Regional Communicators campaigned against them. Many communication team members were lobbying to be appointed as Director of Communications,” portions of the statement read.

The communicators continued to say “we are quite saddled by reasons alluded to above by the Regional Executive Committee. We are clear in our collective reasoning that those excuses are unthinkable and untenable. We think the Regional Executive Committee acted in bad faith by trying to settle personal scores with some team members that they might have had issues with in the past. We believe that if even their respective intuitions are grounded on empirical basis, as elected Regional leaders of the party, they represent the general good and not personalized interest and therefore by using their offices to carry out a constitutional mandate to certify their ego, it is an exercise of a conflict of interest situation and therefore must be condemned unequivocally.”

Through the statement, the petitioners questioned that logic of the Regional Executive body.

“We still find it hard to wrap our minds around the logic that the Communications Team Members are not well resourced enough to go round the various constituencies as a routine work of monitoring. But the question begging for answer is how long did this become a requirement for appointment as an officer of the party? Have we not constituency communication officers in the various constituencies who work hand-in-hand with the Regional Communications Director? How many of the elected Regional Officers were/or are well resourced enough to be Regional officers?”

Source: A1radioonline.com|101.1MHz|Mark Kwasi Ahumah Smith|Ghana

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