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UE: Throw party politics aside in the confirmation of MMDCEs, election of PMs for rapid development – Rockson Bukari

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A former MCE for Bolgatanga, Rockson Bukari has urged members of the various Municipal and District Assemblies in the Upper East Region not to be overly political in some of the decisions they take. This, he said, would help in the rapid development and transformation of the said areas.

Citing the election of Presiding Members and the confirmation of Municipal and District Chief Executives, Mr. Bukari explained that excessive politicisation of the aforementioned mentioned areas retards development.

The recent confirmation of MDCEs across the Upper East Region became a tussle for some districts. Some individuals who were nominated by the President were rejected on their first try. It had to take consultations and negotiations for the two sides of the political divide to agree and vote for the confirmation of the said MDCEs.

The same can be said for the elections of Presiding Members of Assemblies. Currently, the Bolgatanga Municipal Assembly is without a PM after several failed attempts by two individuals.

Mr. Bukari suggests that situations like these arise because of the highly polarised nature of the Assemblies. But this is a recipe for disaster.

The former Upper East Regional Minister, Mr. Bukari said this when he spoke exclusively to A1 Radio on the Day Break Upper East Show.

“See how our region is suffering. We are lagging behind because of party politics. When you are at the Assembly, put party politics aside. When you go out, do your own thing. That is fine. We cannot put our eggs in one basket. That one I agree.”

“If you are an Assembly Member and you go to the Assembly and they appoint a DCE for you, there is no need wasting time; accept him and confirm him. Then you can work together, that is all. You say because he is from another party, certain have to go under the table, it would not help us,” he said.

He said the actions of the Assembly members must be solely related to helping the MDCE achieve success at the Assembly. This would include raising revenues, implementing development projects and ensuring the well-being of the residents in the said jurisdiction.

“This issue of not confirming DCEs, I appeal to all members of the Assemblies, please, they should be giving respect to the regional minister who has been given the opportunity as the father of the region. When he goes around, they should look at him and say let us confirm him so he can work for us.”

Source: A1radioonline.com|101.1MHz|Mark Kwasi Ahumah Smith|Ghana

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