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Return to IMF: Cost of transportation, food et al going up, what do you want us to do? – Peter Ayinbisa lashes out at critics

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The New Patriotic Party’s Director of Communications in the Upper East Region, Peter Ayinbisa Ayamga has justified the NPP government’s decision to seek a financial bailout from the International Monetary Fund (IMF)

Speaking on the Day Break Upper East Show, Mr. Ayinbisa said the NPP government has a very solid reason to seek for support from the IMF, unlike the National Democratic Congress (NDC) that took the country to IMF in 2015 just for policy credibility.

According to him, the NPP government is going to the IMF to help mitigate the worsening living conditions of Ghanaians as the government agreed and admitted that Ghanaians are going through hardship.

He argued that while Ghana is a proud member of the IMF, the government cannot be hesitant in its attempt to engage IMF for financial support.

“We have no other options available to us and the Ghanaian people are crying about the high cost of living, the cost of transport fares, food costs are escalating, so what do you want us to do?”

“We have very good reasons why we are going to the IMF. During their time in 2015 they when to the IMF merely for policy credibility; just for policy credibility. We have gone to the IMF to ensure that our balance payment issues are properly sorted out. That is why we are going IMF.”

Mr. Ayinbisa continues to say that, “we are going to IMF to be able to mitigate the high cost of living in this country. We want to do that so that we will be able to soften the conditions in this country. The Ghanaian people are crying and saying that things are hard, we agreed. We have admitted that things are indeed hard so what do we do when we are a member of the IMF; when we have been contributing to the IMF,” he said

Mr. Peter Ayinbisa Ayamga further noted that the poor performance of the E- levy is a result of the low usage of mobile money by Ghanaians since its implementation. This is why the government could not meet its internal revenue mobilization target.

Source:A1Radioonline.Com|10.1MHZ|David Azure| Bolgatanga|Ghana

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