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President’ll not be flying in hired jets if times are hard – Navrongo MP

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The Member of Parliament for Navrongo Central in the Upper East Region, Samson Tambongu Chiragia is not enthused by President Akufo Addo’s comments that he has slashed his salary by 30% due to the current economic difficulties the country is faced with.

The President appealed to striking teacher unions to return to the classroom pending the outcome of negotiations with the government. He also appealed to all Ghanaians to make some sacrifices as the government works hard to arrest the situation.

Mr Chiragia speaking on Day Break Upper East Show said “that is just a story for the President. If times are tough he will not be flying in hired jets everywhere. And let me tell you that cutting 30% effective when? 30% of how much, what is the target? Are they now doing it or the one we heard earlier on? Times are hard and we’ll know and agree that times are hard and we’ve gone to IMF and you are telling me that somebody can reduce his salary by 30%.”

He wondered how possible it is for somebody to cut his salary by 30% and still survive with his family in this current poor economic situation.

“We all agree in Ghana our salaries are not good. So if they can reduce their salary by 30% it goes to confirm that they have robbed this country enough. As for them for the next 10 years they can even live without salaries.”

The Navrongo MP is demanding that the President and his appointees account to the people of Ghana how much they’ll be saving from the 30% cut.

“They should tell you for a year how much we will get from that 30% that the appointees are losing. Apart from that is just the normal story that they try to just put dust into people’s eyes. You cannot be flying jet everywhere and you think that you can go and reduce your salary by 30%,” he added.

For him, the government must pay teachers the 30% cost of living allowance.

Source: A1radioonline.com|101.1MHz|Osuman Kaapore Tahiru|Ghana

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