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Tindonsobligo: GWCL should be ashamed over reluctance to deal with rampant pipe bursts – William Jalulah

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Some residents in the Upper East Region are disenchanted with what they described as ridiculously poor services provided by the Ghana Water Company Limited (GWCL) within the region. One of such aggrieved residents is the General Manager of A1 Radio, a subsidiary of Agreed Best Communications Limited, William Nlanjerbor Jalulah.

Comments from frustrated listeners came pouring in after the host of A1 Radio’s Day Break Upper East Show, Mark Kwasi Ahumah Smith raised serious concerns about the continuous disruption of the water piping system in Tindonsobligo, a suburb of the Bolgatanga Municipality.

For many who live on the stretch of road that connects the Royal Hotel to A1 Radio, on almost a weekly basis, they are forced to tread through the muddy, untarred road to and from their homes because of burst pipes.

Sharing in the frustration, the General Manager of A1 Radio, William Jalulah chastised the GWCL for their poor attitude towards correcting the problems on the earlier mentioned stretch of road.

“This issue about pipe bursts, I think Ghana Water Company Limited should be ashamed of their performance. Sincerely speaking, I think it is about time we looked into the faces of our public institutions and tell them water it is that they should know. You have a state institution that is responsible for ensuring that water is supplied to homes. This is not any kind of water but safe drinking water, so we expect that the processes that are supposed to be discharged to ensure that clean after reaches homes are properly adhered to.”

“But what do we see? Almost every other day, we have pipe bursts. This is just our locality. I cannot just fathom what it is that Ghana Water Company is not getting right. I think the management of Ghana Water Company in Bolga should just sit up. They should answer these questions; do they have a public affairs unit? Do they have field officers? Do they have an evaluation and monitoring or assessment team? Do they have a complaints centre or emergency numbers for the public to reach out to them? What education have they given to the public on circumstances like these, that if I see burst pipe, I should do a, b, c, d.”

Mr Jalulah continued to say, “we are paying them for the water they are giving us and so we expect them to give us clean water. The clean water is not just from where the water is treated but the path the water is transmitted to our homes is key. Now, the danger is that any time there is a pipe burst, you should expect that bacteria would get into the water. Impurities would go into the pipes and run that water into our homes. How that affects us is not the business of Ghana Water Company. That is what they are telling us.”

“So Ghana Water Company, we are fed up. For example A1 Radio, should we be doing your work for you? Mark, I am telling you that I have personally made calls on 3 different occasions. When we had instances like these, after my calls, it took over 3 days before they came to fix the pipes. That is the unfortunate thing.”

Meanwhile, other callers who also poured their frustrations threatened to demonstrate over the poor services of the company.

Source: A1radioonline.com|101.1MHz|Mark Kwasi Ahumah Smith|Ghana

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