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Tindonsobligo: Rampant pipe bursts on A1 Radio road because of extreme rocky nature – GWCL

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Some residents in the Upper East Region, a few weeks ago, threatened to demonstrate against the Ghana Water Company Limited (GWCL) to register their displeasure with what they described as poor service delivery.

Comments from frustrated listeners came pouring in after the host of A1 Radio’s Day Break Upper East Show, Mark Kwasi Ahumah Smith raised serious concerns about the continuous disruption of the water piping system in Tindonsobligo, a suburb of the Bolgatanga Municipality.

The residents who phones in also shared some unpalatable experiences they have had with the GWCL in the past.

Stanley Abopam, a Social Commentator raised critical concerns when he phoned into the programme.

“It is very hurtful dealing with the Ghana Water Company especially when it has to do with burst pipes. I am unable to understand exactly what Ghana Water Company is doing. On Friday, just directly opposite Abole junction, before you get to the Petrolsol Fueling Station, there was a main pipeline that had broken and water was gushing out. We saw that thing in the morning, we contacted them [GWCL], and as at 3 o’clock in the evening, the water was still gushing out.”

“The unfortunate thing is that one of the bases for which they seek tariff increase is that, they are not able to recover all the cost associated with the water they produce. How will you recover the cost associated with the water you produce when you are not proactive in responding to things like these? You use public funds to treat water and when these things are down and we talk to you, you just treat it as … I do not even know the adjective to use. It is hurting, very hurting. I just do not know what Ghana Water Company wants. One of these days, we would start thinking of mobilizing a demonstration against the contaminated water that comes into our houses.”

Responding to the concerns of the public, the Regional Quality Control Manager for the GWCL, Evans Atimbire Ayinbire explained that in the Tindonsobligo area, the continuous disruption in the piping system is due to the extremely rocky nature of the area. He made these comments when he spoke to A1 Radio’s Mark Kwasi Ahumah Smith.

“If you look at your area [Tindonsobligo], it is rocky. When you excavate and it goes down, you meet a rock or something and you are not able to penetrate it.”

“What we are doing now is that, those exposed pipes, we are ensleeving them. We have started. We are using two types of pipes. We are using the PVC and the HDPE. For the HDPE, even if it is exposed and a car passes over it, it is safe. But the PVC, when a car runs over it, it easily breaks.”

Mr. Ayinbire added that “whether PVC or HDPE, we are putting metal casing on it, especially this your area [Tindonsobligo].”

Earlier, the GWCL also expressed some disquiet about the many illegal connections along the lines of the company.

Source: A1radioonline.com|101.1MHz|Mark Kwasi Ahumah Smith|Ghana

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