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Ghana’s Agriculture policies are counterproductive – Professor David Millar

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President of Millar Institute for Trans-disciplinary and Development Studies, Professor David Millar says Ghana’s agriculture sector still belongs to the old school with not much innovation.

“We’re still not innovative enough. We still belong to a lot of old school and we still think that the solutions for our agriculture lie in what the white man says, what the FAO’s says, what the World Bank says; we still believe that that is the solution.”

“We don’t do disaggregated planning. We still plan as if agriculture is one homogenous unit. Then we have policies that also interfere with even the plans that we have aggregated,” he said.

Speaking on Al Radio’s Day Break Upper East Show, Professor Millar advanced that “if I had my way, the Ministry of Trade and Ministry of Agriculture will be one. I will put trade under agric but the central minister will be Minister of Agric.”

Professor Millar added that the bane of Ghana’s agriculture policy is that there is competition between production and import.

Professor Millar added that the bane of Ghana’s agriculture policy is that there is competition between production and import.

“You know the bane of our agriculture policy is that one is struggling to produce; the other is struggling to import. So it means the policies are counterproductive.”

Source: A1radioonline.com|101.1MHz|Osuman Kaapore Tahiru|Ghana

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