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Implement fair wages, scales standard to avert needless profiteering by traders – Consumer Protection Agency to GSA

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The Consumer Protection Agency has called on the Ghana Standards Authority (GSA) to implement the fair wages and scales standard to control the over pricing of products in the Ghanaian market.

Some traders are taking advantage of the current economic situation in the country to make unfair profit from their products.

Head of Complaints at the Consumer Protection Agency, Benjamin Akoto speaking on A1Radio mentioned that it is time the government put in measures to protect consumers. 

He explained that in all other “West African countries, once you go there to buy anything in kilo, you buy tomatoes in kilo. You know this is the price for a kilo. But in Ghana the person looks at how nice the tomato may look and say this much for 5 pieces is about Ȼ10.00 or this much for 3 pieces because they look some way I’m going to give it to you at Ȼ2.00”.

“So our price regime systems have to have a second look at it and that comes into play that the GSA should implement the fair wages and scales standard”, he added.

At the moment there is no functional Consumer Protection Law to protect the rights of consumers.

Mr Akoto mentioned that the laws protecting consumers in Ghana at the moment are sector dependent.

“We practically do not have a consumer right law because the laws are scattered all across, and are sector dependent as we speak now. Then again our bill has been in and out of parliament for over 14 years now. We’re just hoping that finally a listening parliament will pass the bill so that we have a substantive document on what to do to fight for the rights of consumers”. 

Source: A1radioonline.com|101.1MHz|Osuman Kaapore Tahiru|Ghana

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