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Talensi DCE justifies long Presidential convoy even in economic crises

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Thomas Wuni Duanab Wuni Pearson is convinced that the number of vehicles in the President’s convoy is essential to the activities of the President even at such a time when many would call for austere measures. 

“We are disciplined citizens of the country. We want to make things very comfortable for the citizenry. It is not as if we should be in the animal farm; some people are enjoying, some people are not enjoying. That is not what is going on.”

“There are times when we have been invited to programmes and we [MDCEs] go in public buses. We as MCEs and DCEs. The presidency is doing same. When you see a fleet of cars, then we start shouting at the top of our voices [saying] the President travels with so many [vehicles].”

Mr. Wuni Pearson was insistent that the President’s fleet of vehicles were important and could not be described as too many. 

“We have 15 MDCEs here. If the president comes here only with his car, there are appointees in this region. When he is here, we all join him,” he said. 

When asked whether it was necessary for all 15 MDCEs to join the President, the DCE for Talensi said, “we should join him because we want to listen to him talk and we want to support him. Even Aseidu Nketiah, who I can describe as an outgone General Secretary, he’s here contesting chairmanship, I do not know where he will be today, but let your camera man go to the road and come and tell me how many vehicles he is using. Even him, who is not president, has cars following him. You mean the President of the Republic is travelling, we should let him go as a skeleton?”

“[When the President] is in the region, every MDCE is relevant. He [the Upper East Regional Minister] alone cannot represent us. We would all be there and this has always happened. When have we asked presidents not to travel with all appointees? This is not the first time Ghana, we are going through what we are going through [tough economic times]. Don’t let us make it look like this is the first time,” he said. 

Mr. Wuni Pearson said this when he spoke on A1 Radio’s Day Break Upper East Show. 

Source: A1radioonline.com|101.1MHz|Mark Kwasi Ahumah Smith|Ghana

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