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Nabdam NDC decides: I’ve worked, planted, watered, sprayed the land yet others want to come and harvest – Kurt Naawane

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According to Mark Kurt Nawaame, the Member of Parliament for the Nabdam Constituency, his people are very excited about his decision to re-run. According to him, he has been well received by the executives of his party, who are delegates, and that his delay in announcing his intention to re-run has left most of them on pins and needles. Adding that, they believed he had worked the land very well and deserved an opportunity to harvest the fruits of his labour.

“I am overwhelmed by the way the executives have received me. I think they were sitting on thorns to hear whether I would be going or not. In fact, they are very happy for me. They are saying that I have worked the farm; I have planted, watered, sprayed it with insecticides, etc., and now the food is ready, and it appears that some other people want to come and harvest. So I should not go out; I should try and do the harvesting myself.”

He added that, by representing the people of Nabdam in parliament again, it would give him an opportunity to work closely with his father, because he has never had the opportunity to work with his father [Mahama]. Therefore, asking the delegates for an opportunity to re-run and to represent the party on its ticket wasn’t misplaced. He said the people see his call as legitimate. He said the situation has been likened to that of a single mother with her child who wants to meet with the father. 

“It’s not surprising that I want to go again because, indeed, we all know that Mahama is coming to win, and it will be an opportunity for me to work with my father.” So if I am asking them to give me an opportunity to work with my father, it is only in line. So that is the way they are seeing it, and they believe that my decision to go back to Parliament is legitimate.”

“They are saying that, if a woman gives birth to a child and the child has not met the father, the child will continue asking the father until such a time that the mother will show the child where the father is or who the father is. What it means is that, as a parliamentarian, I have been working with the opposition. I have been working with the Nana Addo Dankwa government, and I’ve never worked with my father.”

According to the Law Maker, due to the track record of his good works, a section of his people have asked him not to campaign but just go in for his harvest on the day of the primary election. 

“I have done so much. Some of them tell me not to campaign and that I should leave everything and  just come  and harvest on the day of the voting.”

He used the opportunity to welcome any competition but asked for it to be done with decorum.

Source: A1radioonline.com|101.1MHz|Gerard Awombadek Asagi|Ghana



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