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Nabdam residents to boycott 2024 election if Agenda 111 project is not completed on time

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The chiefs and people of the Nabdam district recently met at the site allocated for the construction of a hospital under the government’s Agenda 111 project amidst drumming and shouts while expressing disappointment in the delay in completing the project. 

Their worry centres on the fact that the delay is affecting healthcare delivery in the district because they have to travel to the regional capital for treatment for cases that can’t be handled by the health facility in the area. 

In a press conference delivered by the chairperson of the District Health Committee, Pognab Grace Bewong, the residents said similar projects in other districts are in their completion stages, but theirs is still at the foundation level after 2 years since its commencement. She said if nothing is done, the people of the Nabdam district will advise themselves in the next general election

“Whilst commending the NPP government for selecting this district among the beneficiary districts in the region to benefit from the agenda 111 project, it is very sad to note that whereas other beneficiary districts in the region including Bolga East, garu Tempane, and Kasena-Nankana have their projects almost getting to completion stages, Nabdam whose project is at the foundation level is yet to completed which is very disastrous for the project”

She added that “the district health committee has received several complaints from the people of the district, calling on duty bearers to demand answers on the delay in the completion of the project, whereas other districts have their projects almost completed. Among some of the messages in their complaints is that it seems the government does consider the Nabdam district as one of its priority areas, and they are threatening that if it does not respond to their demand by ensuring that the project is completed, they will advise themselves in the forthcoming elections”.

Some residents of the area who spoke to A1 News expressed worry and disappointment that the progress of the project is moving at a snail’s pace. They are therefore calling on the government to come to their aid by completing the hospital project on time. One of the residents, Benjamin Naab, who spoke to A1 News, said the project is dear to the people of Nabdam.

“This project is really dear to the people of Nabdam. We are very concerned about this. The delay is causing fear and panic. We are thinking that this project may not even come to light because the attitude of the contractor is something that we must be worried about. If you talk about health, you can go through the whole of the district, and we don’t have a proper health facility for the people of Nabdam. We are blessed that the government has given us this Agenda 111 project, and the contractor is trying to sabotage it by not completing the project. We are trying to let the government know that the contractor is not at the site. He has abandoned this project for far too long. For two good years. You can’t compare this to any project anywhere. If he is not concerned about our health, then we will also advise ourselves.”

Source: A1Radioonline.com|101.1Mhz|Ibrahim Aziz|Bolgatanga|Ghana

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