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DBUE Team launches campaign urging passengers to stop reckless waste disposal from moving vehicles

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The team of the most listened-to morning show in the Upper East Region, Daybreak Upper East (DBUE) show on A1 Radio, a subsidiary of Agreed Best Company has schooled passengers on how to manage waste when on moving vehicles. 

According to members of the team, the act of throwing waste material out of a moving vehicle not only pollutes the environment but has serious consequences for other road users.

The team was expressing their views on the DBUE’s News Review as part of steps to educate passengers and listeners on sanitation management, especially on moving vehicles. 

Mark Smith, the host of the programme indicated that he once witnessed a situation where a passenger threw a polythene bag out of a moving car. The bag flew into the face of a motor rider who was close by.  This caused the rider to fall, leading to the rider sustaining minor injuries.

“I witnessed a situation where a passenger in a moving taxi threw a black polythene bag, and do you know what happened, the bag just went straight and covered a motor rider’s face who was behind the car. Of course, the rider fell but the lucky part was that the rider was not at top speed. It was a sad incident, I should say.” 

“So, it is something that passengers need to stop,” he added. 

The co-host of the program Gerard Awombadek Asagi “We must collectively lead the charge for change when it comes to issues around pollution. Throwing out trash through the window of a moving vehicle isn’t an attitude that must be encouraged. Passengers must learn to leave the trash in the vehicles for drivers to properly dispose of them when they finally get to the station. I will also appeal to our drivers to take a minute before they drive to educate their passengers on the need to leave trash in the vehicle for proper disposal.” 

He insisted again that drivers must desist from the act of sweeping out trash in their vehicles in the middle of their trips along the road. 

“Protecting our environment and encouraging proper disposal of rubbish should be a collective responsibility,” he stressed.

Samuel Kantomse Adagom, Assistant Producer of the Program also narrated his encounter with a passenger who acted improperly regarding waste management. 

He indicated that “I was in the Tamale station and this neatly dressed young man bought sachet water after drinking and just threw the sachet on the floor. Immediately, I just lost my respect for him. Then, when the van was heading to Tamale, this same man bought another bottle of water. After consuming the content, he threw the empty bottle on the street while the vehicle was in motion. I couldn’t contain myself any longer, so I asked him why he disposed of the container in that manner. Some of the passengers looked at me in a manner that suggested I was being rude for asking him to do the right thing. But it was wrong.”

Moses Apiah, the Executive Producer of DBUE, also said that collaboration with GPRTU, Zoomlion Ghana, and various Assemblies will soon be made in the coming days as part of efforts to stop such behavior .

Source: A1radioonline.com|101.1 MHz|Moses Apiah|Ghana

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