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MPs who lost NDC primaries in Upper East Region asked to resign to force gov’t to develop constituencies

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One of the aspirants who contested at the recently ended primaries for the National Democratic Congress in Chiana-Paga, Francis Abirigo is asking MPs who lost their candidature to resign their seats.

Mr. Abirigo explained that as has been witnessed in Kumawu and Assin North constituencies, once there is a by-election, the government is forced to develop the area in an attempt to keep or snatch a seat. 

For the areas in the Upper East Region where the MPs lost their candidature, Mr. Abirigo opined that their resignation would cause a by-election which would force the government to develop the constituencies. 

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In this write up, I have sought to do one thing. Having thought over all bye-elections and the most recent ones especially the Kumawu and Assin North, I realised that governments turn to focus on constituencies that have by-elections.

In view of these developments, I wish to request wholeheartedly that all NDC MPs who lost their recent primaries should resign if they intended for the development of their constituencies and the people therein.

The main reason why one seeks to serve his people is to bring development to the people and not to him/herself, if that is the case and it is tried and tested that in the occasion of by-elections governments turn to develop such constituencies, why do you want to end your tenure just to deprive your constituencies of development? .
Please let them resign now.

I look through Bongo, Chiana-Paga, Navrongo Central and Garu and I see a lot of unattended developmental issues which for sure I know in an event of by-election they will be attended to.

Example is the Chuchuliga – Katiu, Paga-Sirigu, Kandiga Junction-Sirigu roads in the China-Paga Constituency. My question is must there be only death related bye-elections to have these roads fixed?

Some of us could do the unthinkable if we were MPs and come around some other time to contest just to give development to our people.

If any MP reads me, I have asked them to resign not because I dislike or disrespect them but I need them to allow development to come to their places if only they meant well for the people.

I would have done it boldly if I were an MP. 

The only thing I couldn’t guarantee is that I would have come around one day to feel the expression of love by the people and that is trust building.
I rest my case.

Source: A1radioonline.com|101.1MHz|Mark Kwasi Ahumah Smith|Ghana

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