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Gambibgo Chief urges strong commitment to tree planting

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The Chief of Gambibgo in the Bolgatanga East District of the Upper East Region, Naba Sadik Ayine Inusah, has called upon the public to embrace tree planting in their homes and surroundings as a means to combat climate change.

Highlighting the immense benefits of trees, which contribute significantly to human well-being and create serene environments, Naba Sadik emphasised that the public holds a crucial role. This role extends beyond merely planting trees; it involves nurturing them to maturity to fully reap these advantages.

Naba Sadik, who also serves as the Chief Executive Officer of the nonprofit organisation Gambibgo Ghana Project, has initiated a tree plantation drive in regional communities. This initiative aims to plant 200 trees annually, with the goals of mitigating climate change, providing economic support to beneficiaries, and fostering an improved living environment.

Acknowledging that certain cultural beliefs hindered the project’s progress in its early years back in 2004, Naba Sadik said, “Some used to believe that planting a tree and witnessing its growth and fruit-bearing would bring about the planter’s demise. This notion deterred them from tree planting.” However, he noted a positive shift resulting from capacity-building efforts, with people increasingly inclined to plant and nurture trees.

During an interview with Mark Smith on A1 Radio’s Daybreak Upper East Show, Naba Sadik revealed his commitment to elevating the region to a leading position in national tree planting endeavours. He encouraged residents to participate by planting at least one tree on their premises.

The Chief Executive Officer also appealed to local organisations to collaborate with the Gambibgo Ghana Project and its international sponsors to extend the project’s reach within the region.

Source: A1radioonline.com|101.1MHz|Gilbert Azeem Tiroog|Ghana

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