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We’ll continue demonstrating until we achieve our purpose – Dr. Apaak

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The member of Parliament for Builsa South Constituency, Dr. Clement Abass Apaak, said the minority will continue to demonstrate until their aim to oust the central bank’s governor and his two deputies is achieved.

The minority members of Parliament and thousands of Ghanaians poured onto the streets of Accra on Tuesday, October 3, 2023, to demand the resignation of the Governor of the Bank of Ghana and his two deputies for what they say is the mismanagement of the Central Bank.

They marched from Abra spot in Accra through to the Bank of Ghana to present a petition; however, they were blocked from accessing the premises by the Ghana Police due to security reasons.

The director of security at the Bank of Ghana was delegated to receive the demonstrators petition on behalf of the Governor; however, the leadership of the protesters refused to submit their petition to the Director of Security of the Bank, who was delegated to receive it on behalf of the Governor. 

Speaking to Mark Smith on Daybreak Upper East show, Dr Apark  stressed that the minority will continue to demonstrate until the aim of getting the Governor and his two deputies out is achieved 

He said, “We have signaled that this is not the end of it. What they have done with their action is that they have caused us to make the protest a serial protest. What that means is that we will embark on another one, and another one, and another one, until we achieve our goal. Ghanaians should rest assured that, as a responsible minority with clearly defined alternative policies to rescue and build the Ghana we want, we are not going to wait till 2024. This is a signal that we are going to begin expressions of revulsion and that the people of Ghana are all encouraged to demonstrate and to call attention to what is going on that is inemical to their well being. It’s their right to demonstrate.”

Source: A1radioonline.com|101.1MHz|Samuel Adagom|Ghana

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