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Residents of Yorogo appeal for Ghc500,000 to complete library project

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The chairperson of the Tigsitaaba festival, Dr. Ayimbire Abonuusum, has appealed for public support to complete a community-initiated public library complex. The project, estimated to cost about Ghc700,000, is currently at the decking level. According to Mr. Abonuusum, about Ghc139,000 has been invested in the project so far.

To complete the project, an additional Ghc500,000 is needed, hence the call for support.

“The Yorogo Tigsitaaba Festival has, for the past five years, largely succeeded in promoting peaceful coexistence among Yeriba. This has made it possible for us to start the uphill task of building a one-storey library/ICT complex, which is now at the suspended floor (decking) level. The 2022 financial statement shows that about one hundred and thirty-nine thousand Ghana Cedis (GHȻ 139,000) has so far been used on the project. However, even though the materials required to complete the facility are about the same as those used so far, due to the current increase in prices, it is estimated that the decking alone will now cost about three hundred and sixty thousand Ghana Cedis (GHȻ 360,000), while cladding, plastering, screening, tiling, and painting will cost about one hundred and forty thousand Ghana Cedis (GHȻ 140,000). Thus, a total of about five hundred thousand Ghana Cedis (GHȻ 500,000) is required to complete the ground floor for use! This, obviously, is beyond the capacity of Yeriba. Therefore, we are pleading with the government, Non-governmental organisations (NGOs), and individuals to assist us.”

“The tiny red ant also says that even though her thing is too tiny, she will still show it to her husband. Therefore, no contribution to the library project is too small. Show Yeriba your love by donating what you may consider to be too small,” he said.

Dr. Ayimbire Abonuusum made this appeal while speaking at the 5th Tigsitaaba festival held at Asorogobiisi. The Chairman of the Tigsitaabe festival reminded Yeriba of the need for continued unity and development.

“The Gurunse often quote the tiny red ant to have said Alaɤum gube n de kpe’enꬼo, which means unity is strength. In a sense, this is the meaning of Tigsitaaba: Yeriba deciding to unite for development. Unity between people is the anchor of development, but unity thrives in an atmosphere of peaceful coexistence. This is why the theme: Promoting peaceful coexistence and development: The role of festivals is very relevant.”

The people of Yorogo in the Upper East Region celebrated the 5th edition of the Tigsitaaba festival amidst drumming, dancing, and a colorful display of the culture and traditions of the area.

Tigsitaaba is a festival celebrated by the eight clans of Yorogo to drive development and unity.

The eight clans are Atiabiisi, Abangabiisi, Kunkua, Gaabiisi, Bulgo, Apukobiisi, Abugrebiisi, and Asorogobiisi. This year’s Tigsitaaba was held at Asorogobiisi under the theme, “Promoting Peaceful Coexistence and Development: the Role of Festivals.”

The Chairman of the Festival Planning Committee commended residents of Yorogo for their selfless commitment towards the development and progress of the festival.

“I would like to express the appreciation of the Yorogo Tigsitaaba Festival committee to Yeriba for their understanding and commitment to the development of Yorogo! They are willing to sacrifice money and time, not only to sustain the festival but also to work on the project. Yeriba in all professions are ready to sacrifice for Yorogo, and this is heartwarming. Artisans (carpenters, masons, steel benders), for instance, have all worked on the project for free! The youth too, have been outstanding in voluntarily working hard on the project without complaining! Mr. Asakiya Musah’s Kia vehicle has virtually become Tigsitaaba’s means of transport, carrying the youth on their float and conveying Yeriba from distant locations to the durbar grounds since 2019. Yeriba in the media, including Mr. Azebire Na’ambilikia Nicholas, Pastor Atiah Denis, and Mr. Ako’ose Denis, have all arranged for the Yorogo Tigsitaaba Festival committee to discuss the festival on air for free! What patriotic citizens Yeriba are!”

Source:A1Radioonline.Com|101.1MHZ|Mark Kwasi Ahumah Smith|Bolgatanga|

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