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Trax Ghana leads conversation around preservation of indigenous seeds in Upper East Region

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Trax Ghana, an organization that works with farmers, upon recognizing challenges farmers are facing with indigenous seeds, has organized an educational program to discuss vital information such as the preservation of indigenous seeds.

In an interview with Mark Smith on the Daybreak Upper East show on A1 Radio on Friday, June 21, the Executive Director for Trax Ghana, Vincent Subbey, stated that the organization’s plan is to create a community seedbank where farmers can preserve their seeds.

“The plan of Trax Ghana is to see whether we can create a community seedbank whereby they could be able to preserve some of their seeds, especially those which are becoming extinct. We also intend to create a seedbank at Trax here so that in case of any problem, they can fall back on the seedbank at the Trax Ghana office.”

The program aimed to have farmers display their seeds, interact with one another, and share knowledge about their local and indigenous seeds.

According to Mr. Subbey, the program is not centered around a special type of seed, but rather a variety of seeds. “Basically, we just want them to bring whatever they have, and then they will be able to interact and identify what is missing, how we can bring it back, and how we can go about solving their problems.”

Talking about some of the reasons these seeds are being lost, Mr. Subbey said one of the main complaints he received has to do with climate change. Apart from the farmers who were to display their seeds, a large number of people were invited from about five regions, including the Volta and Greater Accra Regions. Chiefs, Queen Mothers, partner NGOs, and others were also invited.

Source: A1Radioonline.com|101.1Mhz|Gifty Eyram Kudiabor|Bolgatanga

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