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I have track record, I will win – PNC Parliamentary Candidate for Bolga Central Constituency

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The parliamentary candidate for Bolga Central Constituency on the ticket of the People’s National Convention (PNC), Hon. Peter Akunlibe, said he is the best bet to represent the people of Bolga Central in parliament considering his legacy in the constituency.

The former Assemblyman for Tindomoligo electoral area touted his achievements during his tenure as Assemblyman, stating that he is development-oriented.

Speaking to Mark Smith on Daybreak Upper East show, Hon. Akunlibe expressed confidence that he will win the Bolga Central Constituency parliamentary seat because he is popular and the right man for the job.

He said, “When you follow me in town, you will know Peter is winning. The two direct candidates that were hiding for so long, they will call. That alone shows that I am on top of affairs. It shows that I am on top. The other thing is that the leadership, those who lead, those leaders who are heading towards the other political parties, the NDC and the NPP, they can’t deliver. When David Appasara was there, we were paying school fees for students. If you go to Tindomoligo and ask any person, they regret that I’m not the assemblyman. I’m going to parliament. I’m always with the people. I’m more popular and known than any other candidate.”

Hon. Akunlibe believes that the PNC will win the presidential election on December 7 to form the government.

According to him, Ghanaians are fed up with the two main political parties because they have done little to develop the country.

He said, “We will win. It’s just based on trust. People will go back to what has happened when we were in power. We are still on top. In 2000, we had about 5 parliamentarians in parliament. That was remarkable.”

Source: A1Radioonline.com|101.1MHz|Moses Apiah|Bolgatanga

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